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Aqua Clear Stories: Beth


Hi guys. I am Tylee Torres with aqua clear water systems. I’m part of the marketing team and I am here in Ooltewah  and I have a awesome client who has agreed to talk about why she got her system and what it’s done for her. And I cannot wait to tell you all more about it. Um, so she got a system in June of 2021, and so she has been loving it since, and she’s a happy client.

So we’re going to get a good review from her. I just asked her some questions, personal questions about why her sister’s. Helped her and her family. So how long have you had your system? So June of last year. So we’re coming up on a year, almost this, yes. So almost a year. Um, and you were referred to us, correct?

I was actually a good friend of mine who is a neighbor. Um, he got the system for his house and was raving about it. So I was like, well, he has my same water, so let’s just try it out. So it’s been great. Yeah. And that’s awesome. We love referrals. Um, one good thing about it is if you do know someone in your neighborhood.

Who also has a system they’re most likely as a reason. So they either have the hard water, they have the sulfur, they have something that is, you know, possibly in your water. Um, and since you are in the same local area, um, so we can help fix that for you all. Um, and what have you noticed that you talk about how it’s helped your hair so much?

Yeah, it’s crazy because our water is so hard here. I mean, when I initially made. And there were still the white stains on the fixtures and stuff. And I was like, I can’t do this. Um, as soon as I would say, I’ve been using it for a few weeks, maybe two to three weeks and went to get my hair done. And my hair stylist was like, what have you been doing?

I can tell that a huge difference in your hair as to what it was before. And I told her it was, I was using at the filtration system. Right. And so you do get your hair done. That was another question I was going to ask about. Um, so a lot of people don’t realize, you know, with the chlorine, with the chemicals, everything that’s coming through, the hard water, when you’re washing your hair, it’s stripping that dye.

If you are dying, get if you’re bleaching it whatever you might be doing, it’s stripping that off. So you’re going to get your hair done a lot more often. If you do use hard waters with a softener and you’re in a system, it definitely will. Decrease the amount, the times that you have to get that and also the product, have you noticed a difference in the product that you’ve been using since?

Um, I use much less than okay. Um, it’s, doesn’t require as much so, and, um, conditioner and any kind of product in the shower that I wouldn’t use previously. I’m not using as much. Of course I’m not spending as much money on it. Right. And even your dishwasher, or have you noticed a difference in that or your laundry room?

It’s completely. And it’s also none of the white marks in my dishwasher that had been previous as on to, you know, Dishes as well. Um, and then my clothes seem to be even smelling better now because the scent comes out more. Right. And that’s also something that chemicals in the water will pull the color out of your clothes whenever you’re washing them.

So if you have black pair of pants is a great way to, you know, compare you to a black pair and you have like a grayish black from, with the colors faded or so red or anything like that. Those are always great ones, too. Um, so with the biggest thing you’ve done with your hair, do you think it’s softer?

Do you think it’s cleaner longer or do you, what do you think that has made the difference? Yeah, it’s crazy because it is super soft now. Um, and then I’m able to actually go longer days without having to wash it, which is super nice too. And I say super again. Um, but it’s great. Cause, um, I’m washing hair is a chore for women.

So I realized how bad it’s just a task, but now it’s just like, I can go definitely two to three days without having to wash it. That’s great by using this, of course, the old rushing today, but that’s, that’s awesome. Yeah. I love to hear that. So, and you said, um, with the reduction of your products, you spend a lot less money.

I think that is a huge key for a lot of people that we hear all the time that I’m spitting on. And you realize a lot of people like, well, it’s a lot to pay for even a system itself. That over time you will save a lot of money depending on water bottles, your laundry detergent, your soap, your hair, shampoo, conditioner, whatever body wash, whatever it might be.

Yes. The sudding of it. It’s going to sud a lot more with just a little bit. The chemicals and the hard water pulling that. Right. I don’t even buy water bottles anymore. I have big water bottles that I take everywhere. Yeah, that’s really good. That’s awesome. Well, I’m happy that you are so happy with your system.

I think it’s definitely cute. Something great to come out and talk to you about. It’s been great having it, so I’m really happy or excited to see where the future can take it. Thank you.

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