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Aqua Clear Stories: Dakota


Dakota is now 10 years old, and she came from North Carolina and we got her when she was six. Yes. And she was struggling with she. You can see here on the left-hand side. My right. Uh, she, we didn’t know what she had when she came in the shelter called us and they actually transported her. And we thought it was food allergies.


So she went immediately to the bat and after lots of specialists and such, they discovered she’s allergic to her own skin oils and she has lupus among other things. So then I brought her here. She’s a permanent foster of our rescue Tennessee valley golden retriever rescue. And, um, she now looks, as you can see, she’s recovered.


And honestly, in part, when she moved here to another house, I had your filtered water and she rapidly improved. And at first I didn’t realize it was aqua clear water systems until I moved to this house. And I had to be without the system for like three weeks or so, because you couldn’t get the schedule and she fell out of remission.


Wow. And her skin started getting bad, not quite as bad as how she came in, but definitely she was getting gnarly right around her mouth. It was peeling and around her legs and her back. So you could see black patches again and more meds. And we finally got the water system back in here and within a short period of time, this is what you get.


She’s fine. And then other than the notes to me still not really tying it to. It was, uh, my water system failed and didn’t know it quite some time. And she fell out of remission with a few months ago. Again, her skin started getting black fur, was falling off. And then I found out that my system wasn’t working properly and.


so now she’s out and she’s back into remission. Thank goodness. Uh, thanks to a lot of meds and the water, and this is what keeps her healthy. So it’s not only for people in our city. It’s for animals too. And her skin is very soft, but when we first got her, when she looked so bad, you couldn’t touch her.


She was in such pain, cause everything was peeling on not only the outside, but in her mouth. She didn’t like. Rain would hurt her better. Um, she’s still a diva, but all of the dogs, I have four here and they all have really soft fur my hairstyle. So yeah, but you know, you owe it to the water. You really, really knew that her in particular she’s in a particular, a fantastic.


It definitely it’s crazy the effects it has on our skin. We don’t always think about our pets. No, we don’t. The same thing. You know, one of my dogs has smokers lungs, and the same thing you don’t think about secondhand smoke with animals, but maybe this is my second one. This had does smoker’s lungs.


I had one that was diagnosed with COPD. Yeah. So we affect our pets and we decide what tells them to their environment. Basically, anything that we get is here. Animals can get to a lot of times it’s a different name, but it’s pretty much the same illnesses. Yeah, same effects. So she’s a diva, but she’s walking proof that the water makes a huge difference, especially for her.

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