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East Tennessee Water Resource Library

At Aqua Clear Water Systems we want you to be informed on the various water concerns that exist within our region. In this section we have provided numerous resources for you to learn about the various water issues that are specific to East Tennessee. Here you will find links, pdfs, and interactive maps to the most reputable water quality agencies and water experts in world. We try our best to provide you with as much educational material possible throughout our website, but we understand if you want to see the studies and data for yourself. We are always here to answer your water related questions and we offer free water tests. If you are concerned that your water is exhibiting some of the symptoms described in these resources please give us a call or sign up for your free water test. We have solutions to all the water conditions described in the research below and we diagnose your problem for free. So don't worry! We are here to help.

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Hard Water

Studies shows that hard water is linked to an increased risk of eczema in infants due to skin barrier impairment caused by the minerals found in hard water.

Maps, research, and data on hard water and it's geographical reach. There is even a map that shows hard water problem areas here in East Tennessee.

Scientific study that explores the effect of hard water on skin health.

Common Contaminants

Algae blooms are a common problem here in East Tennessee. They not only make your water taste like fish or dirt, but they can also be dangerous.

This interactive map shows where Chromium 6 (a toxic chemical compound) has been found in the public water supply. Most of East Tennessee has tested positive for the presence of this compound.

A study by the Environmental Protective Agency on the chemicals and contaminants in tap water that are currently unregulated.

Well Water

Discover the reason why the Center For Disease Control recommends regular well water testing. Well water can become contaminated quickly and quietly.

Here you will find the most common contaminants and illnesses found in well water. As well as data and research on the rate at which these issues exist.

Great resource with maps, studies, and numerous links for further research.

Kinetico Water Solutions

No need to worry! There are solutions to all your water problems and here at Aqua Clear, we specialize in bringing you customized solutions. As a distributor for Kinetico, we take pride in bringing you the most efficient and effective water systems for all your water needs. Follow the links below to receive detailed information on warranties, product comparison guides, certification information, and much more.