In Home Water Filter Systems Chattanooga, TN

If there’s an unpleasant smell or taste to your water, if you believe it contains contaminants or if your household appliances are furred up with limescale due to hard water, then you need a water filtration system to sort it out. Although domestic water is treated before it’s supplied to your house, it will still contain some contaminants and may have chlorine added to kill bugs.

Why You need In House Water Filter Systems in Chattanooga

Unfiltered water can have health implications when drunk, can aggravate skin conditions when used for bathing and may have various effects for other uses. An in home water system is an obvious answer, and this involves a choice between a countertop or under-sink version and a home water filtration system installation in Chattanooga.

A countertop system may suffice if you only need purified water in your kitchen for drinking and cooking. For more extensive use, whole home water systems in Chattanooga are the only real solutions.

Features and Benefits of In-Home Water Systems in Chattanooga

A whole house soft water system is installed at the point where water enters the property so that, beyond that point, all the water is purified and softened. This means that for all the water you use:

  • virtually all the contaminants are removed
  • magnesium and calcium are transformed into harmless crystals so that they don’t form as limescale on surfaces
  • the pH balance is improved by reducing acidity and increasing alkalinity, which is beneficial to general health
  • negative ions are introduced, which tend to lift people’s spirits.

Filtered and softened water is healthier and more pleasant to drink. It’s also better for washing and bathing since it reduces skin irritation and causes less fading in clothes that are washed in it. By installing our systems, you’ll have constant access to high quality, pure and safe water that is good for everyone.

Aqua Clear Water Systems is a team of 40+ people and serves over 7,000+ residential and commercial customers. If you think an in house water system in Chattanooga can help you, contact Chattanooga’s most recommended water filtration company today.

Whole House Diagram