In Home Water Filter Systems Knoxville, TN

Installing our in-home water systems in Knoxville means you’ll benefit from the latest in water filtration technology as well as complete protection from limescale build-up due to hard water. The in house water system will not only create pure water that’s crystal clear but also help to clear limescale from existing pipework and appliances and prevent it from forming in the future.

Home Water Filter Systems in Knoxville — Perfect for any Purpose

A home water filtration system installation in Knoxville achieves this by a two-stage filtration system:

Stage one uses one or more filters to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury, PCBs and various other contaminants as well as controlling bacterial growth through antibacterial properties.

Stage two converts calcium and magnesium, which cause hardness in water, into microscopic crystals that are perfectly harmless. The process requires no addition of chemicals and involves no loss of natural minerals.

The outcome is water that tastes great and is ideal for other uses that include cooking, bathing, watering garden plants, filling paddling pools and keeping delicate fish.

Filtration Systems for Multiple Contaminants in Knoxville TN

Our home water systems in Knoxville use multiple stage filters that target different types of contaminants and are capable of dealing with extremely high water flows on a regular basis. They remove anything that spoils the taste of water and causes it to smell, chlorine that can be harmful to health and irritate skin, micro-organisms and various chemicals and heavy metals. And if the threat to your water quality changes due to outside influences, you can install different filters that will effectively counter it.

All our filters are durable and long-lasting, typically requiring replacement only every six to 36 months depending on their type. This means that keeping your water pure and tasting good is virtually maintenance-free and your whole house and its occupants will benefit.

Aqua Clear Water Systems is a team of 40+ people and serves over 7,000+ residential and commercial customers. If you think an in house water softener in Knoxville can help you, contact Knoxville’s most recommended water filtration company today.

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