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We offer every type of water softening technology on the market. We design a system that fits your unique water chemistry, plumbing, and budget.  

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Kinetico® Water Refiner

Kinetico® Water Softener

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We will schedule a time that works best with your schedule to test the water, look at your plumbing, and educate you about your water. 


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After reviewing your water chemistry, plumbing, and water needs we will provide rental, financing, or purchase options that honor your budget. 

What Others Are Saying

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"I absolutely LOVE my whole house water system and my alkaline under sink drinking water system. These are game changes for my household. I live in a new construction neighborhood and there are all kinds of sediments creeping into our water, but the water filtration system handles it all! Not only is our skin super hydrated, but we also have the purest, best tasting ALKALINE drinking water. We make a point not to buy bottled water anymore and simply get the freshest, tastiest water right from the house! Everyone that comes over to the house says  they must have 'some of that good water!' I highly recommend Aqua Clear Water Systems for my real estate clients, and it is definitely a selling feature when buying or selling a home!"

Connie Krusenklaus

"This company really cares about their customers. They take time to listen, analyze and create a product that is specific to your needs. Not only do I use them, but I recommend them to anyone who wants the cleanest, healthiest source of water for their home and body."

Delis Maldonado

"I purchased a Kinetico water system from Aqua Clear and I absolutely love it!! I wish I had done this sooner. I have been extremely happy with the water system and the excellent customer service offered by Aqua Clear. I am impressed with the staff knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend Aqua Clear Water Systems!!"

Jennifer Kirchhofer

"Life changing decision! It extends the life of your appliances, use a lot less product and no build up around the bath fixtures. Plus, it’s so healthy for your skin! I would recommend this to everyone"

Kelly Deel 

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