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A water softener will provide your family with abundant, clean, safe water on demand. From multi-tank systems powered by the energy of moving water to a more traditional approach, Aqua Clear covers all your options.

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Benefits Of A Water Softener

Softer, Smoother Skin

Water that is soft and dechlorinated eliminates odors and tastes as well as the drying effects of hard water on your skin and hair. 

Brighter Colors and Longer-Lasting Clothes

Conditioned water cleans like it should by letting detergent do its job, freeing clothes from dirt and grime, then rinsing completely away. 

Less Time and Money Spent Cleaning

Water that has been refined eliminates lime scale buildup, rust stains and soap scum. And less cleaning means spending less on harmful cleaning supplies. 

Less Energy

Realize major savings on the second biggest energy user in your home: your water heater. Extend the life of your appliances by eliminating lime scale buildup. Water-using appliances can easily outlive their warranties.  

We Carry Every Type of Water Treatment Technology

Why Trust Us?

Our 5-Star Team

7,000+ Customers Trust Us

Our staff of 40+ is dedicated to providing you superior customer service. Over 300+ reviews, with a 4.8 star rating, we are committed to providing you the best experience possible. 

Think of us as a water treatment broker. We carry every type of water technology on the market. Electric or non-electric water softeners. Award winning reverse osmosis systems. We're your one stop shop for everything water. 

We primarily serve the East Tennessee region, but we have customers across the nation. And have built a customer base of over 7,000 customers since 2005.

Our Promise

We're family owned and operated and have been serving the East Tennessee region since 2005. We promise to always treat you like we would our own family. Our mission is "We'll change your water, It'll change your life" and we stand behind that. We invite you to see the Aqua Clear difference. 

How It Works

Fill out a form or give us a call to set up a free in-home water analysis.  


A professionally trained project estimator will come to your home. 


We will look at your plumbing, test your water, and go over treatment options that fit your budget. 


People That Treat You Like Family

Meet the Project Estimators

Kevin Montgomery

Sarah Kirkland

Jonathan Brewster

Mike Crawford

Kevin Vineyard

No Games. No Gimmicks. Just Results. 

What People Are Saying

Hallerin Hilton Hill

98.7 NewsTalk Radio Host

"I had Aqua Clear come out to my house to give me a free water test and quote. I was amazed at what they showed me. Kinetico water has changed our lives for the better: we drink more water, our ice is clear, we don't have water spots all over our granite or shower door. I didn't know what I was missing!"

"I absolutely LOVE my whole house water system and my alkaline under sink drinking water system. These are game changes for my household. I live in a new construction neighborhood and there are all kinds of sediments creeping into our water, but the water filtration system handles it all! Not only is our skin super hydrated, but we also have the purest, best tasting ALKALINE drinking water. We make a point not to buy bottled water anymore and simply get the freshest, tastiest water right from the house! Everyone that comes over to the house says  they must have 'some of that good water!' I highly recommend Aqua Clear Water Systems for my real estate clients, and it is definitely a selling feature when buying or selling a home!"

Kelly Deel

Realty Executives Associates

"When our son was diagnosed with eczema and other skin conditions, a physician recommended that we try a professional water system. Since the Kinetico system has been installed, it's made an enormous difference. Not only has our son's condition improved, but we've saved more than 50% on all of our household cleaning products. We highly recommend this system and this company."

Amanda Johnson

Woody Creek Realty

We Will Take Care Of You 

Anyone can sell your water softener. You can buy it online. You can buy it from a competitor. You could maybe even find one on craigslist. We aren't the only choice, but we are the BEST choice. We will design a system that fits your water chemistry, unique plumbing, and budget. We will be here when you need maintenance. We will be here when you have questions. We will take care of your water so you can focus on what you do. We promise. 

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