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Who Are The Best Water Filtration Companies in Knoxville, Tennessee? (Reviews/Ratings)

Here at Aqua Clear Water Systems we meet with hundreds of clients per year in the East Tennessee/ Knoxville area to help educate people on how to improve their well or city water. And we often get asked, “Who are the competitors in the area?” We aren’t ones to shy away from the competition, so we wanted to put this together to help our clients be as informed as possible.

Here is a list of other water treatment companies in our area that have experience in helping people improve their water.

1. Advanced Water System

Having been around for years, Advanced Water Systems is located in Louisville, TN and carries Ecowater brand systems. They are a family operation and have city and well water system. They are also the water treatment company you see in Costco.

2. Culligan Water Systems

Located in Knoxville, right by the Cotten Eyed Joe, Culligan has installed hundreds of systems in the Knoxville and surrounding areas. You’ve probably heard of the “Culligan Man”… that was some great marketing! Culligan only carries their Culligan systems, but they have city and well water systems for residential and commercial use. They also do bottled water delivery.

3. King Pure Water

King Pure Water is located in Sevierville, Tennessee but they do work all across East Tennessee. They have systems for well and city water applications, but they specialize in water filtration for cabins up in Sevierville. They are a independent dealer so they carry different brands of water filtration equipment.

4. Perfect Water

Perfect Water is located in Knoxville, TN and has been a family owned operation since 1997. Three of sons work in the business today, and they specialize in new home builds and rain water harvesting systems (pretty cool stuff). They used to represent Kinetico® but now they are a independent dealer and carry different brands of city and well water systems.

5. Pelican Water Systems

Pelican Water Systems is the new kid in town. A national brand that specializes in “salt free water conditioners” they have opened up shop in Knoxville, TN. We believe they currently work out of their homes, but they have well water and city water systems.

So there are 5 companies to consider getting quotes for your water treatment project in Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding areas!

COVID-19 Update

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