Whole House Water Softener Systems Chattanooga, TN

Hard or contaminated water will be a problem for any household and a whole house system is the best way to rectify that problem. A whole house water softener in Chattanooga is the most effective solution because, unlike a countertop system that services only a particular outlet, it is installed at the point where water enters the property and so ensures all the water is softened. This prevents the build-up of limescale and so protects household appliances as well as benefiting all occupants.

How Whole House Water Softener Systems Work For Chattanooga Hard Water

Soft water systems for homes in Chattanooga use a two-stage system that firstly filters the water to remove chemicals, heavy metals and other contaminants to produce water that tastes good and helps to prevent bacterial growth. In particular, it removes chlorine that is often present in domestic water supplies and can cause irritation and make worse conditions such as eczema and asthma. The second stage softens the water without adding salt or chemicals by converting calcium and magnesium into harmless crystals. It’s a system that’s proven to be almost 100% effective in limescale prevention and meets the American standard for drinking water products.

Minimal Maintenance for House Water Softener Systems in Chattanooga

A whole house water softener system provides clean, soft and great tasting water to the whole property so it can be used for drinking, cooking, bathing and any other purposes without risk. And the system is virtually maintenance-free, requiring only the replacement of filters at prescribed intervals.

Since the system both softens and purifies your water by removing all contaminants, it may have multiple filters that need replacing at different times. So it’s simply a matter of monitoring the system regularly and replacing each filter when due to ensure the purity and softness of your water at all times.

Aqua Clear Water Systems is a team of 40+ people and serves over 7,000+ residential and commercial customers. If you think a whole house water softener in Chattanooga can help you, contact Chattanooga’s most recommended water filtration company today.

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