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Protect Your Family From The Dangerous Contaminants
In Your Homes Air With Our NASA-Certified Air Purification Systems!

Purify your homes air and remove the harmful air pollutants that make you sick like: allergens, bacteria, and viruses.


Does the air in your home have a funny smell? Or can you smell the scent of mold and must when you enter your home? Or do you constantly sneeze and cough from allergies? The air in East TN has been ranked 35th worst in America…

Don’t leave your family’s health at risk another day longer. Our world class air purification systems remove 99.99% of dangerous contaminants – making your air crisp, clean and pure. It’s like having the untouched natural spring air from the glaciers of Iceland…right there in your home!

What Makes Aqua Clear The #1 Choice For Water Systems?

Aqua Clear Water Systems have grown from a small operation out of the Brewster family basement, to more than 50 staff and 10000+ residential and commercial clients in that time – and it was no accident.

You can see our sustained success is due to our obsessive attention to detail, our commitment to premium service and support, and the award-winning products we use for our clients. Once you experience the Aqua Clear difference, you’ll know why 96% of our clients say they’d buy from us again if they ever moved!

We’re Trusted By Some Of Most
Iconic Companies In The USA

We Service All of East & Middle Tennessee

Aqua Clear Water Systems has been serving the communities in East & Middle Tennessee for almost 2 decades