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Water Systems For Well Water

If you live in Tennessee, it is likely that if you use a well, you are going to be using hard water. Unfortunately, this means that anything you use it for is very soon going to experience some unpleasant side effects, including:

  • Damaged plumbing and appliances
  • Poor quality laundry cycles
  • Bitter tasting drinks and food
  • Dry, irritated skin.

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When you want to get us out to you and see how we can help you, there’s no better way than using our free water testing service. To get started:

  • Fill in your details via our online form or give us a call
  • Our project coordinator will be in touch to provide or request clarification and offer any advice
  • We’ll get in contact to work out a good time for our project estimators to pay you a visit
  • One of our project estimators will come to your property to test the water and check for levels of bacteria, sulfur, iron, manganese, hardness, nitrates, nitrites, and copper amongst other things.

Inquire About A Water Systems For Well Water in Tennessee

At Aqua Clear Water Systems, we pride our selves on providing the highest quality lime water filter system installation in all of Tennessee. We also offer whole house water softener, home water systems, as well as water treatment for iron removal for businesses.

Send us a message with your query, direct message or email us, or even give us a call and we’ll start working on the best water filtration system for your well water today!

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From start to finish, Aqua Clear Water Systems has been a first class outfit to deal with. It’s obvious that the owners care enough to hire people who work with integrity, communicating with class and taking care to perform each step of the installation correctly. The warranty offered for these systems is the best I’ve found. Worth the investment. I can’t stand sales pitches… so when I told Cory I didn’t want to feel like he was “selling me something,” he got the picture immediately and simply educated me on the options and what he would recommend. We highly recommend this company!

Marcie Curtis

Everyone at Aqua Clear is amazing. Every sales person and technician has been so professional. They did an amazing job installing our whole house system. When we have questions about how things work, they patiently explain them to us. The whole house system has made a huge difference. Our water tastes amazing! You will be so happy you chose this company. Thank you Aqua Clear Lenoir City!

Deborah Phillips

Aqua Clear was fantastic from the moment they came to our home to explain the system all the way through instalation. We had extremely hard water and being near the lake higher nitrates. As a family of 3 we were already seeing stains and build up around our new fixtures in our new home. Got a full system installed in a very tight space with no problems and looks great. Just had my first glass of R/O and was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. Really great service!


Very professional staff, everyone at aqua clear makes is very helpful and seem to care. My water looked brown, I was worried but they sent someone out to my house in 20 mins. to fix it and he did a perfect job!!! His name was Joshua and he was very professional and fixed my water! My water is clear now!!! Thank you Aqua clear and Joshua needs a raise!! Lol!!! I highly recommend kinetics water, if you have a well!!! These people are the BEST!!

Becky J

This is our second time purchasing a whole house water filtration system from Aqua Clear. We left the first system with our old home for new owners. Purchased another home and we immediately called Aqua Clear. Dustin and Avery came out and installed our new system plus a new water heater. They were polite, punctual, and answered all questions.

Lydia Keeler

This company is awesome! We started with them in 2007 for whole house filtering system, water softener, and a reverse osmosis water tap with alkaline water. Have noticed a huge difference in the drinking water, laundry, showers etc that comes with not having a filtering system. Give them a try you will not be disappointed in their service and their product.

Janet Kukla

We have had our water treatment system and been with Aqua Clear for past 10 years this year. They have always done a great job! The people that handle our appointments to the technicians that do our annual filter change and all in between are very professional and do a great job?

Terra Heidle

This system has been in my log cabin since 2006. Good maintenance on this unit has kept it going all these years. I love the way each service person has came into my home and gave me exactly what it needed. Thank you so much!! 1 very satisfied person!!!

Theresa Langlois

We found out our spring water was contaminated by agricultural run-off with a high level of nitrate. Our water was also very hard. We hired Aqua Clear to put in a system, and they have been fabulous. Our technician, Cory, took care of everything we needed today. Super kind and professional. Our water feels so much better when showering and tastes great. It feels great to know we have gotten rid of the nitrates! We recomend Aqua Clear to all our friends and family.

Hannah Ford

What Can You Expect Once You Own One of Our Filtration Systems for Well Water?

The short answer: a better time, every day, in a dozen ways. The longer answer is that filtration systems for well water is going to have a positive impact on everything in your house that uses water, including your own body. That includes your wardrobe, your heating, your dishes, your bathrooms, and your plumbing, just to name a few. Hard water tends to have an excess of calcium and magnesium in it; that excess leaves behind a chalky residue that we often call scale. You know it, you hate it, and you can’t get rid of it. But without hard water, there’s no scale to fight. And that residue can be harmful, from slowly ruining your pipes’ heat conduction to making your fabrics brittle and faded. 

Here are some benefits of getting one of our systems: 

  • Less Time and Effort Cleaning: If you’ve got serious hard water, we guarantee you’ve struggled with scrubbing your shower or bathtub clean. You’ve had to wrestle with that scale buildup on your shower and bathtub surfaces, anywhere the water touches frequently. Well, that scale is actually the result of the minerals in hard water. It causes that thin film of scale not just in your shower but also in all your sinks. When you purchase a water softener for whole house, that scale buildup either massively goes down or stops altogether. That means you spend much less time cleaning on average to get the same clean results, which is time you can spend on yourself however you want.
  • Savings on Plumbing: While this one won’t exactly be something you think about every day, it will be financially comfortable. You see, hard water doesn’t just cause visibleissues. While you’re scrubbing scale off your sinks and showers, it’s building up inside your water pipes, constantly. As it does, it reduces the heat-conducting properties of your water system, which means it takes more energy to heat your house. That’s more electrical bills for you. Plus, eventually, those pipes will need replacing because of the mineral deposits, which will cost more money. With soft water, none of that happens. You save huge amounts of money over time on lower electrical bills and fewer plumbing repairs, which is money you can spend on your family. 
  • Bacteria Begone: In warmer climates, bacteria have an easier time proliferating through water. That’s especially true for the harmful bacteria you definitely don’t want in your washing and drinking water. It’s also easier if your water comes from a well. With our whole house well water softener and filtration system, you won’t have to worry about you or your family getting sick from bacterial infections in your water. 


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A well water purification system that makes a difference

Water filters for wells are the easiest way to achieve peace of mind. Rather than letting bacteria, viruses or gases breed in your household water supply, you can enjoy fresh-tasting water whenever you like. Soft, clean water is a long-term investment that thousands of families across Tennesee have already made.

Want to discover more about well water filtering system? Give us a call or send us an email at [email protected], or browse our FAQs below.

Water Treatment Systems For well Water FAQs:

Why would you need a well water filtering system?

Water treatment systems for well water are a common household feature that provides a convenient solution for great-tasting water and complete security. With quick and convenient installation and satisfaction guaranteed, why not see what everyone is talking about when it comes to Aqua Clear's state-of-the-art well water filtering systems?

How can I tell what contaminants are in my water?

If you live in Tennessee, you can be pretty confident that your household receives hard water. Though hard water doesn't taste great and can comprise appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and sprinklers, hard water isn't a contaminant.

Will a well water purification system need maintenance?

A well water system will indeed require light maintenance - examples of maintenance tasks include carrying out routine checks and perhaps changing iron filters for well water. It's also recommended to continue monitoring water quality after installing a water purification system to ensure you get the most from your treatment solution. However, a water treatment specialist like Aqua Clear will guide you through system maintenance tasks during installation, so you can be fully confident when operating it.

Can I install water filters for wells myself?

The complexity of installation depends on the type of water purification system and your level of expertise. Some straightforward systems can, in theory, be installed by homeowners. However, more complex systems like UV systems require professional installation to ensure proper plumbing, sizing, and functionality. It's always worth seeking assistance when it comes to water treatment or sulfur in well water in the first instance to ensure that the treatment solution will achieve the desired outcome, whether that's soft water, the removal of contaminants, and so on.