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We were having issues with our prior water filtration system. Our family members had an Aqua Clear system and they highly recommended them to us. We couldn’t be more pleased with the employees manners in the install and the effectiveness of the end results. Our water quality is amazing.

Mark O.
Dandridge, TN

Josh installed a new unit today. We were very pleased by how neat the installation was. He did a great job. Looking forward to conditioned water.

Virgil and Mabel Jo Patterson
Dandridge, TN

To Aqua Clear
The servive to my new softener went very well. Jon changed out the batteries in the main chamber unit. Then he sampled and serviced the kitchen filter used at my sink. All units were in good condition. Also, Jon recieved my call last week regarding a alarm going off with the main tanks. He called me immediately, letting me go throgh everthing needed to silence the alarms.
Thank You! Jon

Grace Jones
Morristown, TN

My wife and I had our Kinetico Water System installed back in May, and we couldn't be happier! We noticed a huge difference in the quality of the water immediately. It was softer and for the first time....drinkable! We've already saved a lot of money on bottled water, and trips to the recycling center have been eliminated. With regard to the consultation with our sales representative, Kevin Montgomery was outstanding. He was highly knowledgeable and passionate about demonstrating what the water system could do for our home. Kevin answered all of our questions thoroughly and was convincing in our decision to have the system installed.

Jeff & Loretta S.
Powell, TN

We had been using another brand/manufacturer here locally for quite some time, Kevin Montgomery with Aqua Clear Water Systems came and showed us what that system WAS NOT removing and we were quite shocked honestly. We had a Aquachiller Reverse Osmosis with UV water cooler installed by Aqua Clear Water Systems and we couldn't be happier! We've noticed that our patients when they come in are drinking more of our water and commenting on how great the water tastes! The chiropractic assistants reference the reverse osmosis to their patients, so educating our patients is very important to us here at Scoles Family Chiropractic. Clean and chemical free water is imperative to a healthy body!
When the previous supplier technician came to pick up their equipment he said, "I heard you upgraded, wow, you really upgraded!!"
The Aqua Clear Water Systems techs were polite and kind and showed me all the "bells and whistles!" We couldn't be happier!!

Scoles Family Chiropractic
Karns, TN

First thing I noticed I felt cleaner after the shower. No chlorine no minerals, I used to start itching within 4-5 hours after my shower and now I don't! The ice is cleaner and I noticed when it melts in my Diet Coke there is NO taste, not like before, I had to pour out! The taste of my Diet Coke is much MUCH better! Noticed my laundry is much absorbent and much cleaner.

Walt W.
Lenoir City, TN

Super happy about how well our WELL water tastes from before. We have noticed the glass shower doors are much cleaner and do not need wiping down like we used to do. We have also noticed that our tea is much clearer and taste better, our tea finally taste like tea!! We are really glad we went with Aquaclear Water Systems!

Jennifer B.
Poplar Springs, TN

I am incredibly happy with the decision to install a system in my home. I was shocked at how horribly my water tested and instantly became mindful of its poor contidion and was anxious for installation day. Throughout the entire process the service has been outstanding. I would recommend to everyone in my neighborhood and plan to be a lifelong customer.

Chris D.
Heiskell, TN

"I'm just very pleased with how much the new system has cleared up my water. It's great being able to have drinking water in my home. I'm on a well, I've always been concerned with the fact that it could get bacteria in it. Having a UV system has brought me peace of mind. The Kinetico has already cleared up my appliances, the clothes washer and dishwasher are cleaning so much better. My old cabinet system was electronic, I like that the Kinetico is not electric controlled, with two working tanks there is always clean water. I used to be aware of the backwashing at night of my electric system, we tried not to use water at night in case it was backwashing. I am impressed with the function of the Kinetico. The installers were very professional and did a great job setting up and explaining the systems!

John L.
Loudon, TN

Skin! First thing I noticed was my skin was softer when I bathe in it. After I showered I noticed I felt like I had lotion. I've noticed when I use my so big it's very soapy very quickly. In my hands feel like there's lotion on that when I wash my hands. The first time I tried the drinking water it feels very clean smells better and no aftertaste. Ever since we have the system installed we have only been drinking our reverse osmosis water, I have not touched a bottle of water since the system was installed and that's the truth!

Mr. Hung T.
Knoxville, TN

The techs were courtesy and on time and completing the installation was done much faster than expected. They cleaned up after themselves and this was very appreciated. We have noticed no more staining around our tubs and no more smells coming from our water! We have also noticed the texture of the water was soft and silky smooth, very nice to feel this on our skin getting out of the shower! We are also coffee and tea drinkers and now we can taste the richness in the coffee that we couldn't get before!

John S.
Lenoir City, TN

My granddaughters hair used to be limp and straight and never showed any life to it, now her hair has more of a sheen to it and looks absolutely great! We also noticed that our other granddaughter uses less water and less soap when she showers (has saved us money in soaps!) We also noticed that we use very VERY little laundry detergent and we only use dryer sheets every now or then.

But the main thing for us was around the faucets and counter top (we have black granite in) there is no white powder anymore! We have replaced multiple faucets thru the years and were tired of this! Foods are all cooked with the RO (we can absolutely taste the difference here!)and the biggest is the jacuzzi tub, we can use it now! We could never use our jacuzzi because of the nasty white powdery stuff and the smells! Cleaning, we do not ever clean the tub anymore. We've also noticed that our clothes DO NOT smell anymore!!
We are also big tea drinkers and the tast and the look have changed completely! Ice for the family tastes totally different much better now....thanks to Aquaclear Water!!

Connie A.
Corryton, TN

"We had wanted to get a water system when we first built the house, but we were over budget and couldn't do it then. We have been in 2.5 years now and our steam shower had stopped working. We were about to call our plumber. About that same time we were finally able to get the Kinetico Water System installed. Literally within four days our steam shower started working again, without calling for service!! We are using so much less soap and are really enjoying our new water. We also have a tankless hot water heater, we are happy to know that we are protecting our appliances and warranties. Since it has made this much difference in our home, we know that it is so much better for our health. We are very happy with the installation and thankful for Sarah's patience to work with our budget and timeframe."

Julie W.
Knoxville, TN

I have had the Kinetico system in my last two homes and have had other brands in previous homes. I have had my whole house filtered for many years. I really do not want to drink water with chemicals in it or other hazardous materials. I love having this system also hooked up to the water supply and ice maker in my refrigerator/freezer, so all water sources in my home are filtered and softened. Jon Klepper and his installation team did an excellent job with the installation of the system. I am very pleased with the quality of water, installation, and updates from Aqua Clear and the Kinetico system.

Golda E.
Monteagle, TN

We received our water system on or about 10/01/2016...we have been very happy/satisfied with the system since installation...from showering to laundering to dish-washing we have noticed a significant improvement to all these daily activities...we highly recommend adding this water softening system to your household as it has upgraded the quality of every-day-living in our new home at Hampton Creek...

Bill & Angela S.
Ooltewah, TN

My home water system is AWESOME! Jon Klepper and install team exceeded standards with enthusiasm, product knowledge, professionalism, and kindness. They also made certain no mess was left behind them. This was a completely positive experience. KUDOS!

Kat B.
Chickamauga, GA

We drilled a well a few years ago to have a backup supply in case our public water supply became tainted, because we understand that the cost of water will continue to increase as treating it becomes more expensive, because of droughts, and primarily because we do extensive gardening. Our well water was very dirty plus full of iron and sulpher, causing sprinklers and weep hoses to clog up and poor water odor. I met Jon at the annual home and garden show in Chattanooga and he quickly impressed me with his knowledge and methods for treating contaminated wells. I was also impressed with the care and quality of the installation. I am very wary of most salespeople for various reasons and I am very picky about the quality of work done at my place.......I was most impressed with what I got, from the initial conversation to the sales process to the install process, to the service after the sale. I think of Jon as a friend.

Mark L.
Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga, TN

After meeting with several representatives for different water systems I had the pleasure of meeting with Jon Klepper. I was impressed with his thorough knowledge about various water systems and how Aqua Clear was different. I never felt that I was being talked down to or was a "hard sell" victim but felt that Jon listened to my needs and was able to work within my budget. Installation was quick and easy - thanks to Jeff. The new water system is terrific! The hard water is gone, the chlorine is gone, my skin feels better and my food tastes better. I would highly recommend Jon and Jeff and Aqua Clear Water Systems if you are looking to improve your water!

Deborah K.
Chattanooga, TN

"Since getting the Kinetico system at our house we have notIced many improvements. I have been able go longer between hair color and touch ups. Also, I get dry patches on my skin in the winter, it has been so much better this winter. We are enjoying the pure drinking water everyday. We fill our own bottles and take them with us. The install crew did a great job, very professional. Aqua Clear has been persistently helpful, making sure we got our system rechecked after a month or so! Most of time you can't even get companies to call you back. We highly recommend the Kinetico System and Aqua Clear Water!

Sonya P.
Knoxville, TN

"We couldn't be more pleased! Our dishwasher has changed so much. Most of the white buildup is gone from the inside. The dishes are cleaner. My skin dryness is much improved. I have recommended you to our neighbors. Everyone, from Sarah who did our testing to Josh & Brian who did our install, have been most professional."

Tom & Joanne L.
Lenoir City, TN

"Showering, brushing teeth, and washing clothes is like night and day! Our hair and skin no longer have red in them. Our finger nails stayed red stained because of the iron. We are so glad the iron is being removed! Our RO water in the refrigerator tastes much better and we can definitely taste the difference. Even the house plants are growing better! My orchids have already bloomed!! The techs were wonderful! I'm really happy with the installation. The way they carefully installed our equipment shows that they care. They made everything look very neat and professional. Thank you, Aqua Clear!"

Phil P.
Athens, TN

"Once our system was installed, we noticed when brushing our teeth, the water did not taste like chlorine! Showers have no chlorine smell and our body and facial soap lathered more effectively! Rinsing off the soap was much better! We were using bottled water before and now we are not. When we make our coffee and teas, we noticed the difference immediately! Coffees and teas taste much better! In our laundering we've noticed the fabric is much softer and we are using less detergents. The techs with Aqua Clear were very professional and worked with me on the layout. And they cleaned up when they were done. Couldn't be happier!"

Walt S.
West Hills, TN

"Wow, LANCE came to our house and gave us a wonderful demonstration. The system we bought has done everything he said it would do. He even came out for a retest after our purchase to show us how clean our new, kinetico water is. We are so pleased with the installation and the sales staff from start to finish. Thank you, Aqua Clear, for changing our water and changing our lives! We are your customers for life.

Charlie Y.
Lenoir City, TN

"We just moved here from New York and were in need of a water softener. It is a must have in our household. We called around to several companies and decided on Aqua Clear, they were by far the most professional and patient when it came to explaining how their system works. Their pricing was competitive with excellent financing options. Kevin spent a lot of time with us working through the details and installation was a breeze by the installment team. David, the owner, even stopped by for a visit to make sure we were taken care of. Thank you Aqua Clear and especially Kevin for such a great experience."

Ken W.
Greenback, TN

"We have well water like many others in the rural areas of southeast Tennessee. So we know the difference between unhealthy and healthy water. It makes a big difference in our quality of life. We have had a great relationship with all the good people at Aqua Clear since 2009. My wife and I appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm portrayed by every technician we've met. A special thank you to David and Mike for their efforts over the years."

Ron & Audrey W.
Calhoun, TN

"The first thing we noticed when using hot water, we do not have to use as much as before. Our tankless hot water heater is more efficient now that there is not any sediment or chemicals being run thru the tankless. We've also noticed that our skin is not dry as before and we have noticed that there is no more nasty white chalky scale on our shower doors! Using less soap in the washing machine is also a huge cost savings to us. Coffee tastes much better and improved (like high quality restaurants). We were originally concerned when we moved here about the water quality, but now we are not! My husband has been drinking diet Dr. Pepper soda for over 30 years, since we've had our reverse osmosis drinking water system installed, he hasn't had one can of diet Dr. Pepper since June of this year (2016)! We are using the diabetes destroyer system along with our water refinement system and we couldn't be happier!!

David A.
Dandridge, TN

"Since we've had our Kinetico water refinement system installed from Aqua Clear Water Systems, I have noticed that my granddaughters facial skin (which had bumps that we couldn't identify) has started to clear up! We now know that this is because our water is finally getting cleaned AND softened! Also, our dishes are cleaner and our dishwasher does not have a white chalky residue anymore. We have noticed the health benefits so much that our daughter is going to have a system installed in the new house that she is building!

Patricia V.
Tellico Village, TN

"The install team of Josh & Ryan went above and beyond, they did an exceptional job. We love the drinking water and can really tell a difference in our coffee. A few weeks after getting the system installed I traveled to see my daughter in Wyoming, I started getting dry skin again and couldn't wait to get back to my soft water. We really appreciate Sarah and all the info and follow up she gave us! We had great customer service. We highly recommend Aqua Clear, or as our son calls it, the fountain of youth."

Linda & Terry B.
Lenoir City

"Since our water refinement system has been installed with Aqua Clear, we have noticed that our water is a lot better and tastes much MUCH better because of lack of chlorine. Lady, our Doberman, enjoys the benefits of ultra pure water also! We have also noticed that our shower soaps up better! The laundry and the dishes come out better and cleaner. I can taste the difference in our drinking water and I can feel the difference in the shower. Thank you Aqua Clear!"

O. Welter
Crossville, TN

"Aqua Clear Water Systems really will change your life. Their slogan is "let us change your water and we will change your life" and they did! We had Kevin Montgomery with ACWS come out to our home and give a comprehensive water analysis. What was found was astonishing... between the hardness, the total dissolved solids, and the bacteria... was a real eye opener. All these impurities can be removed with the Kinetico Water Systems. We absolutely love our new water system. No more scrubbing hard water spots from all appliances, sinks, showers, toilets & mirrors! Our hair and skin are amazingly improved, and we are using a lot less soap for everything! My dishes sparkle and that really makes me happy! The drinking water tastes so good; we are drinking tons of water all day long. Tom is no longer suffering with digestive issues due to bacteria in our water. People don't know what they are drinking & how it affects their health. My doctor is very happy we finally purchased a good water system! Aqua Clear Water Systems and Kinetico, you are great! Thank you, Aqua Clear! Thank you, Kevin!"

Kathy H.
Andersonville, TN

"Since my Kinetico system has been installed, my dishes are coming out of the dishwasher without spots! Being that our appliances are brand new, this is a welcomed sight! My daughter's and my hair has more texture and volume and our skin is NO LONGER dry because our Kinetico system is removing ALL of the chlorine, calcium and hardness. And I love the fact that I no longer have to buy bottled water! We are more environmentally friendly because we don't have to dispose of plastics bottles, and we're saving money. That is a good feeling! It's also nice knowing that our new appliances are going to last longer because the water won't be as hard on them without the calcium build up or the chlorine damaging the seals and gaskets."

Melissa P.
Lenoir City, TN

"Today we had our system checked, filters changed and whatever else they do at your one year date. No problems with our system, which was wonderful! Thank you, Manney, for doing such a great job. You were professional and got the job done quickly and efficiently.

Bean Station, TN

"The install team did a super job! I was using Clean Shower spray after every shower, now I don't have to do that anymore and my shower stays clean. I have Sjogrens Syndrome which causes extreme dryness, I have noticed an huge difference, my skin feels amazing. I no long feel like I have to use all those creams that I was using. Drinking the reverse osmosis is so good for my health also. My husbands hair was very dry, now it is much softer, and his hands were getting cracks, that has stopped! Our dishwasher looks new. I want to tell everyone, the pure soap offered from Aqua Clear is wonderful! Everyone at Aqua Clear has been so kind and professional!"

Sandra & Elmer B.
Lenior City, TN

"Being that my son is into physical fitness and water is a big part of this, he drinks over a gallon of water a day. The reverse osmosis water from Aqua Clear has made a huge difference in the way his protein and supplements taste and mix! The water is not an issue anymore being that we don't have to buy bottled water!! What a savings!! Being with city supplied water, we both had very, VERY dry skin, now neither of us have dry skin! Soft water in the shower...we will never go back to hard water! Another thing we have noticed is that our water bill has actually gone down...and it's because before we had our Kinetico water refinement system installed, we had an aftermarket water softener that used over 30 gallons of water each and every single night along with tons of salt every week! Can't believe the wasted water we had to pay for!! This has made us very happy to know we are getting ultra pure drinking water AND soft water for much much less than what we were paying for before!! The technicians...? Absolutely some of the best guys I have seen work on my house! Very courteous and very professional! They came out and got the job done so quick, had my ultra pure BEFORE they left! Thank you Aqua Clear Water Systems!!"

Tommy H.
Maryville, TN

"The first thing I have noticed since Aqua Clear Water Systems installed our Kinetico system, is I will NOT drink the water at my office!! I can't even drink the coffee there because it tastes so bad! Compared to how great my coffee tastes at home, I now take my water AND my coffee from home to work. Something else we noticed immediately, was our dishwasher used to leave a white chalky residue inside and on the dishes...not anymore! The dishwasher and our dishes come out clean, spot free without using any other chemicals or heavy dish detergent! Our washing machine doesn't use as much clothes detergent and there are more suds when our clothes are washing. We also noticed better water pressure in the shower, and now our showers feel great with all the soft water. Have to admit, my wife and I were skeptical at first about all the benefits that we would get from having our water cleaned thru the Kinetico system....but now we wouldn't have anything but this system in our house!! We are also going to be installing a Kinetico system in our mountain cabin. We are believers now and I wouldn't hesitate to have anyone call or contact me for a testimonial! Best investment we have made in a long time!"

Kenny P.
Clinton, TN

"We have noticed that since our Kinetico system was installed by Aqua Clear, there is no more chlorine smell in the showers and no chlorine smell or TASTE in our tap water! And when we cook we use our purified reverse osmosis water and we can tell a huge difference! I have also noticed that I no longer have to use lotions when I get out of the shower (because my skin isn't dried out anymore!). And it's nice that my hair isn't dried out, no longer frizzy and brittle!!"

Chip C.
West Knoxville, TN

"Kevin was great! He made the system easy to understand, explaining everything very clearly and even cleaned up. Our cats are drinking more water. We are no longer buying bottled water and we love the reverse osmosis drinking water, very refreshing. The shower is so soothing, almost like having soaked in moisturizer. The installation guys were great, very professional, neat, clean and on time. This has been a great experience!"

Greg & Ann H.
Knoxville, TN

"The quality of the water system is only matched by Aqua Clear’s incredible customer service!! We are new to the area and since moving here my hands were cracking and bleeding. Within a week of having the system installed, my hands healed and are soft as silk! We are able to use much less soap. For the first time in decades we are not buying bottled water because we have the reverse osmosis water with its own faucet."

Gloria G.
Knoxville, TN

"The water in our bathroom showers has become noticeably softer. There is no chlorine smell in the shower and there are more suds from our body wash. We have also noticed that there is NO MORE soap scum on our shower doors. In the past, we could smell a horrible odor and our water tasted like we do not smell or taste anything but our ultra pure water. This is really noticeable! Also want to say how much we appreciated the technicians. They were very helpful and knowledgeable when they installed our system. Thanks again for giving us water that is ultra pure and with NO chemicals!!!

Peter & Linda F.
Sevierville, TN

"Our water has no chlorine smell! We immediately noticed that our clothes were cleaner and drying faster without as much lint. My wife's hair is fuller and has more bounce and my skin is not itchy from the chlorine! Our soap lathers better and our towels do not have any mildew smells! The techs were awesome and came up with great installation ideas! Can't even see the RO lines in the kitchen!"

Tony & Laura B.
Maryville, TN

"Had been dealing with intestinal issues (diverticulitis) in the past and now that I have been using our Kinetico system from Aqua Clear Water Systems, these issues have gone away. Having pure drinking has made the difference! Before we installed our water system, our sink, that is over 20 years old, had to be cleaned constantly with harsh chemicals. Now we don't have to. Our clothes have become MUCH cleaner and we use less soap. And we are enjoying NO chlorine and no hardness in our showers!! Now when I drink my coffee, it actually tastes great! The techs were very professional and accommodating, can't say enough good about the techs!"

Mark & Michelle R.
Karns, TN

"Everything is so much better now that we have a water system. I love that I don't have to clean my bathroom very often. Our skin feels smooth, not dry and tight. Now I can take a bubble bath, with bubbles. We had white build up around all the fixtures, and now it's gone. We are very happy with Aqua Clear and the service we have received."

Lindsey B.
Lenoir City, TN

"Nice to use water straight from the tap to brush my teeth! The first day I texted my children to say that "grandmother's water doesn't stink anymore!" And I am no longer filling up my pots from the ice maker! residue! No pond scum from our well! The humidifier is working better and no longer has that smell! I just love the fact that I can get out of the shower and know that I'm clean and can consider wearing perfume again!"

Dennis & Sandra G.
Maryville, TN

"I am very very happy! The water, not having chlorine, has been so much better!! We are not using as much clothes detergent and our clothes are staying cleaner. Skin issues have greatly reduced and are improved!
We have not bought bottled water since our system was installed. We have also noticed the shower door is no longer having soap scum build up!! I am absolutely referring our daughter and her family."

Darlene M.
Loudon, TN

"My CPAP machine does not require distilled water anymore. Now I use my ultra pure water from Kinetico. Our clothes are cleaner than before. Our dishwasher is cleaning the dishes better and there isn't any residue. Very nice to know that our well water is being purified BEFORE we drink it. We have also noticed our cattle and horses are drinking more water at the barns."

James V.
Blaine, TN

""It's smooooth and clear!" "My hair is so fluffy!" Laundry is cleaner! When the washer goes thru the rinse and spin cycles, there is not as much water in my clothes (because of no calcium, limestone or hardness) so the dryer doesn't have to dry as long therefore saving me a lot of money and less wear and tear on my appliances!! Showers are more smooth and soothing. Psoriasis is completely gone and we do not use any more topical medicines! I have had psoriasis for 20 years or longer and now I do not have it! There is no more sediment or residue on our dishes anymore and the dishes are dryer! Our dog sissy drinks more water than before and instead of playing with the ice, she actually eats it!! Showers tend to last longer...and are much more enjoyable! The techs were pleasant and professional and a joy to work with. Thank you Aqua Clear Water Systems!"

Laura C
Corryton, TN

"First thing we noticed is ALL odor is gone and the much improved. No chemical and no "paper taste"! Our Clothes are coming out much much cleaner and brighter! Noticed no longer getting that burning feeling from the chlorine on my skin. We have very sensitive skin and knowing that our Kinetico system from Aqua Clear is doing its job makes us very happy!"

Robert S
West Knoxville, TN

"Drinking water is noticeably different. It is refreshing because of no chemicals! Ice cubes are incredibly cleaner and clothes are getting softer! Washing my wife's car is a definite improvement over our hard water before. Water has no chlorine and we notice our showers are much more productive! No more calcium buildup behind or around our kitchen fixtures! Last night we cleaned our stove top after cooking chili and browning the hamburger and we used our ultra pure to clean the Bosh induction stove top, no chemicals were used! The techs were very professional and Shannon and Pete were very enjoyable to work with".

John R.
Corryton, TN

"Having moved to East Tennessee from high up in the Colorado Rockies where we had a fantastic water well and great tasting water. The water we have in our new home in Strawberry Plains from KUB tastes terrible, very high in chlorine and hard water. We knew that we had to either live off bottled water or get a water system installed in our home. I contacted Aqua Clear through a google search and had a gentleman named Lance Lawhorn call and make an appointment to test the water and tell us what they could do for us. I couldn't be happier than I am with the whole home system, which includes a soft water system and a reverse Osmosis system that not only removes darn near everything from the water but provides great tasting drinking water, as well. Feel free to give my name and number as a reference in order to let others know that you do what you say you are going to do. We are truly satisfied customers."

Ronald S.
Strawberry Plains, TN

"Noticed chlorine is GONE! Very very noticeable difference in my shower, no chlorine and soap feels better and we are totally clean. Our clothes that are washed are vastly improved and less detergent is needed. Service is beyond believable, though I had a issue regarding a valve and Kevin was here in less than two hours and tested everything... And everything was good! If you ever think of getting a purification/ Aqua Clear first and get a complete water analysis at no charge and no obligation!

Danny F.
Knoxville, TN

"I have to hand it to David and Krista Brewster and the crew at Aqua Clear. These guys are responsive to your concerns and treat you fairly. It has been over a year now since I have had my system installed and I couldn't be happier! My water system has been operating outstanding since the day they installed it!

I had called a couple of other suppliers before I came across Aqua Clear and the others never showed up, being that I am somewhat off the beaten path. Last winter I had lost the water pressure from my well and had no water for nearly a week before I finally decided to call in the experts. I had thought that my waterlines had frozen up and was holed up under my house in the crawl space trying to unfreeze my pipes to no avail before I realized it wasn't my plumbing but my water system from my well. Since David couldn't provide me with a system without having a water test done to determine what system I needed, as I couldn't provide him with any water, he referred me to another company to come out to check out my well-pump. His referral got me prompt service and the day after I got my well pump straightened out he came out and recommended a system to suit my needs. The day after, he sent a crew to install the system and ever since, I have had no issues with my water system!

This husband and wife team of David and Krista Brewster and their team of water technicians at Aqua Clear are the absolute best! If I had only known about them sooner! I would have saved myself some aggravation!

Joe V.
Rogersville, TN

"We noticed our water was soft the very first day. No chlorine, no smell and my teas taste fabulous! Our dog drank bottled water only....and now Gunner will only drink the purified water. Hair and skin is not dry, our shower stays much cleaner!! We are no longer using bleach tablets in our toilets! My daughter has been drinking less pop and has noticed her skin is much cleaner and clearer! We drink more tea because the tea tastes better!! The techs did a jam up job, very clean and neat and the fact that they gave us great suggestions showed their professionalism!

Tracy P.
Seymour, TN

"Jon Klepper responded to my inquiry about a whole house water filtration system last fall as ground was being broken on my new house. I called several water companies but Jon called me before the others and therefore, I met with him first. His demonstration was so impressive, I placed my order before he left that evening. Jon worked very closely with our builder to insure that the correct plumbing and electrical was in place for the system. When it was time, Shannon did the install. Shannon was so informative about maintenance and features that I felt very confident that I not only had the right system for my needs but the best company as well. Just today, about a month after install, Jon came by to check our water, answer questions and to make sure I understood the features and upkeep of the system. I was glad he went over things again because I had forgotten some of the changes I need to make, like using even less soap than I have been. Mine is one of the first houses in this phase of our sub-division and I have told the builder that I would like to have Jon do a demonstration for others planning to build this spring and I hope we can arrange that. The water in North Georgia is extremely hard and the Aqua Clear System we have has eliminated all of the problems the hard water caused in our previous home. I feel certain that other home builders will be just as impressed as I have been with Jon, Shannon and Aqua Clear! Thank you."

Nancy S.
Chickamauga, GA

"Our water filters needed replacing and the service was provided by a young man named Manney. He called in the time frame set aside for the replacement and arrived exactly when he said he would. He was extremely polite and had our system up and running with clean water in less than an hour. Couldn't ask for any more."
"We had our filters changed today by Manney and he did an outstanding job."
"Manney did an excellent job today; he is an excellent addition to your staff."

Sandy B., Roger V. and Jim N.
Loudon, TN

"We signed up for a free water test due to my thyroid condition. My doctor told me to not drink chlorinated water due to making my condition worse. Bottle water has been purchased by me for over 10 years, and the plastic in the bottle had been affecting my thyroid due to chemicals in the plastic bottled water was just as bad and worse than the chlorinated water. We recently purchased our RO system and now have pure drinking water, allowing my medication to work properly with no additional drugs from plastic bottles, fluoride and chlorine affecting it. The Aqua Clear Water Systems representative, Lance Lawhorn, came to our home and tested our water, and described in detail our options and what we needed to clean up our water to take out all the contaminates in our drinking water. The Kinetico installer came and installed the RO system and explained in detail how to check the system and its operation. Chuck also discovered a slow leak connected to the dishwasher and repaired it before it broke loose to flood the whole kitchen and dining room area. Chuck prevented a hazard of several thousands dollars of damage that could have happened to us, and he did not charge us for the repair. Lance and Chuck have changed our way of living for the better due to not having to tote a lot of bottled water and filling up our trash can with plastic. They have saved us money on trash bags and on our health. Thank you Kay, their secretary, Lance and Chuck for providing the excellent customer service to us in getting the RO system installed quickly and in a timely manner. You are to be commended for a job well done. Thank you!"

Al C.
Clinton, TN

"As the daughter of a plumber and the wife of a handyman, I have always known the benefits of owning a water softener. When I became a widow, home maintenance and finding reliable, honest repair services became a challenge. Earlier this year, when my four-year-old water softener became ineffective, I found it difficult to find someone to repair or replace it. I first contacted the plumber who installed it. He kept promising to come, but never showed up. I tried other plumbers who all said they had no experience with water softeners. I even contacted a water softener company whose representative came to look at it but did not return as promised. Meanwhile my fixtures were becoming more difficult to clean, my skin was extremely dry and even my hairdresser commented "what in the world is wrong with your hair!" The final straw was when a plumber asked why I thought I needed a softener as "the water in our area is just fine." Feeling totally defeated and resigned to the fact that I was going to have to learn to live with hard water, I gave one more try and visited a home supply store. There I found a person who understood my dilemma and promised to send someone to my home to resolve the problem. When my hero Jon Klepper arrived from Aqua Clear, he tested my water and helped me select the right system for my home. The installers, Jeff and Shannon, were very professional and explained the system thoroughly. Jon even returned on the day of installation to be sure everything was to my satisfaction and has kept in contact with me to be sure I am still satisfied. The system is amazingly simple to maintain and I am absolutely pleased with the entire experience with Aqua Clear. Just saying thank you is not adequate. Your company has gained a customer for life! My hair is once again shiny, my skin doesn't itch and my fixtures are a breeze to clean!!!! I am definitely a happy customer!!!!!

Mary Jo L.
Signal Mountain, TN

"We had the whole house water treatment/ softener and reverse osmosis system installed. We have had similar systems before and were well aware of the benefits of soft water. Less soap, cleaner clothes and dishes, and clean hair and smoother skin. The new RO is much better than what we had before. We purchased the five filter system and it has a faucet at the sink and feeds the refrigerator ice maker and water on the door. Neither system uses electricity and the softener uses much less salt that our previous. Installation crew was excellent, fast, and very professional. The RO provides excellent drinking water and we use it for coffee and tea as well. Very impressed with this Kinetico system!

Jim W.

"My daughters hair is very naturally curly and she was very impressed with the way her hair felt! I can tell the way my hair feels and husband loves our new Kinetico system!! Cooked spaghetti last night and told my husband "this just taste so much better!!" My husband took the filter off our coffee maker (Krups) and the Krups used to make a terrible noise when brewing...doesn't make any noise now!! We KNOW it's because of new purified water! Thank you Aqua Clear Water Systems!
Our soap usage in our laundry has dropped so much now."

Mike & Emily C.
Tazewell, TN

"Nothing but good to say, you guys exceeded our expectations...from our first meeting showing us the poor quality of our water to the installation team. We felt safe with the ACWS technicians here and they were very professional."

Jeremy P.
Lenoir City, TN

I'm pleased! I'm pleased! My showers feel so much better and when my wife has her bath the water stays hotter longer and the water feels so much better on our skin!! My razors when I shave have lasted much longer and I'm not using any shaving cream, just my soap from aqua clear! My drinking water is so much cleaner and clear and refreshing. I have not drank ONE Coke since our system was installed , and I've drank cokes for 19 years! I have not bought one single bottle of water since our Kinetico was installed, we have saved so much money! From now on I will not buy any more water I have felt so much healthier because I do not drink coke's! If I win the lottery I will buy everyone in my family a Kinetico from ACWS because I want everyone to be healthy with your system! Thank you Kevin and whole team at ACWS!!

Victor U.
Sweetwater, TN

"We called Aqua Clear to get some information on installing a reverse osmosis system in our home. We previously had a Kinetico softener in our Michigan home for 28 years that worked flawlessly. John, the sales rep, came out to tell us about the K5 reverse osmosis system. As a courtesy, he checked our softener to see if it was working as it was supposed to. After taking several water samples and showing us the results, he determined our system was malfunctioning.
John scheduled a service call to Aqua Clear to send techs to repair our system. After the system was completely rebuilt and installed, we talked to the owner David Brewster about the taste & health benefits of reverse osmosis treatment, we decided to have the K5 reverse osmosis system installed.
All I can say is, Aqua Clear Systems is a great place to do business if you want better tasting water. John & all the techs we came in contact with were very polite & professional, including the lovely ladies in the office. David runs a first class company & is very involved in the whole operation. The Kinetico brand is the very best in water treatment.
We absolutely love our water. Thank you Aqua Clear Systems!

Jim & Nancy G.
Ringgold, GA

"Over the years we have accepted our water supply as being safe and acceptable. Every now and then it seemed we could smell a chlorine smell from our water. We have always experienced dry skin causing us to use different bathing soaps to remedy this. We also experienced dry scalp including small scalp abrasions. Even though the taste of our brewed coffee and tea was acceptable we wondered why we could not get the same smooth pleasing taste we experience in most of the restaurants we frequented.

Our daughter lives in Indiana with her family and has a water filtering, softer system. We have exchanged visits over the years and would experience the benefit of their water filter and softener system. After returning from our visit there we could feel and taste the difference between the two water systems in the short time span of our visit and return. It took years for us to decide to check out the possibility of a filtered drinking/cooking water along with a water softener system. We checked out water filtering sofner possibilities on line where they would ship the system to your home but then you would have to hire a plumber for installation which may not know that much about servicing these systems above the installation.

Finally we took action to remedy our water problems. We picked up a brochure describing the Kinetico Total Home Treatment for city water and the Aqua Clear Water Systems Company in Lenoir City that would install a turn key system. Just what we were looking for, we did not want to deal with ordering a system and after delivery hire a plumber etc.. After contact, Sarah Kirkland from Aqua Clear came to our home and ran all the water test showing us the results and offered the different options they had available to solve our hard water and high chlorine problems. Sarah was very professional and demonstrated superior knowledge of the testing and solving options available to us. This gave us the confidence to authorize the purchase of one of the options offered. We like the idea of the one stop shopping and turn key installation with service available from local company after purchase.

Next came the installation, again total professional and highly knowledgeable technicians. The installation took less than a day with only a brief interruption of the water service. The areas of the home they worked in were left total clean. They took all the time needed to explain the operation, answered all our questions with the fullest possible answers to each. Explained after the sale services available and made sure we had the necessary contact numbers and addresses for those services. Again leaving us with the feeling we made the right choice by choosing Aqua Clear Water Systems.

After a few weeks we got a call from Krista Brewster (one of the owners) making sure we were satisfied with our purchase and reminding us of their store front location in Lenoir City. She wanted to make sure they could use our E-Mail to call our attention to their sales of salt and soap products to complement our water system. She also wanted to remind us of a no charge followup visit by our saleslady Sarah Kirkland in a couple of weeks. The purpose of the visit was to retest our water to make sure our system was adjusted right and delivering the filtering and softening needed. The visit from Sarah just happened this past Friday January 8, 2016. She retested the water, checked the system and once again giving us the feeling of confidence in our purchase from Aqua Clear Water Systems.

In conclusion I need to answer the questions that you may have after reading about my water problems in the beginning. Our Reverse Osmosis Filtration has given us the restaurant quality smooth brewed coffee and tea we desired. We also use this filtration for our ice cubes and cooking. Found out the restaurants we frequent also use Reverse Osmosis Filtration. Our severe dry skin and scalp problems are a thing of the past with the water filtration and softening system. Another benefit has been eliminating the harsh soaps used in bathing, washing clothes and dish washing. Soap usage of all types and purposes have been reduced to 1/2 the amount and in some cases to 1/4 the amount. We have also noticed the absents of soap scum buildup on our sinks, bath tubs and even the washing machine eliminating orders from build up on the machine. We also have eliminated the purchase of bottled water. I am convinced there will be other benefits we will noticed in the future.

My wife and I am sincerely glad we contacted Sarah Kirkland from Aqua Clear Water Systems and are now enjoying our whole house water filtering and softener system. We definitely without hesitation recommend this company in solving any water problems you may have."

Charles & Connie C.
Maryville, TN

"All I drink now is our own water!" "We love how soft our water is now!" Being that we have a newborn we feel safe drinking our well water from ACWS! The installation team did more than we expected, THANK YOU!

Alex & Kari J
Knoxville, TN

"Love the softness for my hair and skin! Feel better knowing the water is safe to drink and for our newborn baby boy!!! Knowing that my appliances are protected from my well water along with our health! Dishwasher would not clean the dishes before (even bought a new dishwasher) now doesn't even leave spots!!! Shannon and his team went above and beyond with the installation. They really worked with us, Thank you ACWS!

Alex J.
Knoxville, TN

"We are really satisfied with the results that we are seeing from our new water system! We are very happy that we decided to purchase a system and that we chose Aqua Clear. Our skin is definitely softer, and no longer dry. My clothes smell fresher and the towels are softer. My shower doors don't have build up any more, just some light spots that are easy to wipe off. The taste is so much better from the reverse osmosis, our coffee is great now! It's so nice to know that the water I use to cook with is not adding chemicals to the food we are eating. There is a huge difference in our ice, it tastes great and looks cleaner. We are using about 50% of the recommended amount of soap we were using and everything is actually cleaner. Our grandson who is 8 years old came to stay with us for Thanksgiving week. He's had light eczema and his skin is very itchy, after just 2 days of bathing in our water his skin had cleared up. When he went home he was telling his cousins that they have to take a bath in Nana's new water. After the system had been in for about a month I went back to my hair dresser, he said he could really tell a difference in my hair! The installation was very neat and clean, they showed up on time. Thank you Sarah and everyone at Aqua Clear!

Bob & Mary W.
Spring City, TN

"Three years ago we had a house built out in the country in the Greenback area. David's team came out and tested our new well water after we had been in the house for just a few months. We were already seeing some build up on our faucets and knew that it could not be good for our appliances. The testing revealed that in fact we had very hard water and some other issues that needed to be addressed. The Aqua Clear team installed our Kinetico system with a softner and a reverse osmosis system for drinking water. We have loved the system they put in and everyone that tasted our water thought it was great. I tell everyone that I would put our well water up against any bottled water in a taste test and I am pretty sure ours would win. Recently we had to move to Texas due to my job relocating and our kids really miss the drinking water. They will not even drink it here unless it has been ran through a filter and I am not even going to go buy bottled water. The other thing we have noticed is that both my wife and I are having issues with dry flaky skin since we have moved. We had those issues prior to installing our Kinetico system in TN, but they all went away after. Needless to say we will soon have a Kinetico system installed in our home here and we look forward to enjoying great water again. Aqua Clear water really did change our lives. Thanks Aqua Clear!"

Ricky C.
Greenback, TN

"I have always been a big water drinker. I really like that I don't have to worry about or taste all those chemicals in my water anymore. I couldn't even stand the smell when I was washing my hands. I was buying lots of water, both sparkling and plain, now I'm saving a lot of money and not lugging bottles of water. I have a soda stream, I love it with the reverse osmosis and I'm using it so much more. We purchased a Kinetico whole home system with drinking water. The installation was excellent!!! They worked hard to put everything in the best place for me, not just to get the job done. Dealing with this company and seeing the professionalism has made me very happy that I chose to purchase from Aqua Clear. That includes everyone from Sarah, who came out first, to Josh & Jeff who did the installation, to the owners & office staff."

Carol M.
Tellico Village

"We just had our second baby, it is so nice to have pure water for the baby bottles. Also, we have always had to buy distilled water for our humidifier, now we use the reverse osmosis, very convenient! Everyone from Sarah to the installation crew were very professional! They did a great job explaining everything about the system! When they were installing the system they even offered to vacuumed behind my refrigerator when it was pulled out, because I was pregnant and couldn't do it. Big difference in the suds from soap especially in our daughters bubble bath. We are happy to recommend Aqua Clear Water Systems!"

Drew & Amy P.
Knoxville, TN

"We were very impressed by Sarah and the clear presentation she gave us. The install team was very good! We really were very happy to see that Aqua Clear hires veterans. We are a military family and this mean a lot to us. We are seeing cleaner dishes, with less soap. My husband really likes the Kinetico drinking water and is drinking a lot more water. Our grown son who lives near by is always coming by to drink our new water."

Kathy S.
Knoxville, TN

“I am very impressed, beyond words! It has amazed me how much better this system makes everything in our home. My washing machine and dishwasher are working better. I’m am not itchy anymore. My hands were so dry from my job, now after each bath it’s like it has replenished the natural oils in my skin, no need for lotion. I couldn’t be happy with our purchase. Sarah was so helpful and the install guys did a great job.”

Julie O.

“We have had our system for a little over a month. My skin feels less dry, I am not needing to use hand cream anymore. The build up in my dishwasher is almost gone, without me cleaning it. The shower is staying clean. I didn’t realize I didn’t like the taste of water until I started drinking the reverse osmosis water. It taste great. I am drinking more water and I take it with me everyday. We have received very good service!”

Kim M.
Lenoir City, TN

“The house we were renting while we built our new home had a Kinetico System. We could tell such a difference in the water, so we decided to get a system for our new home. We’re very happy with our Kinetico Water System! Sarah and everyone at Aqua Clear have been great to work with.”

Steve K.
Knoxville, TN

"Sarah and everybody at Aqua Clear have been great! The install team wore shoe covers and were very thorough! We are using less soap in the shower. Lots of suds when we wash our hands and for baths. Our baby’s skin is clearer. We can really tell a difference in the drinking water. The taste is great! My toilets are staying cleaner. Over all, very happy with this purchase."

Amanda S.
Lenoir City, TN

“Had a Culligan system for several years but it did not remove sediment and iron always came through system to the point that they did not wash white clothes at home, went to laundromat/family member’s home. With new system, water is clean, no sediment, can tell that there is no iron and can wash clothes again. Old electric system would lose programming due to frequent power issues on side of Signal Mtn but with the Kinetico, there has not been one issue yet. The people at Aqua Clear make the most difference. Mike Crawford led me through the water chemistry and purchase, the install crew was clean and professional, and the office was incredible with explaining the system and follow up has been very thorough”

Robert and Patty D.
Signal Mountain, TN

“We really appreciate the great customer service from Aqua Clear. Sarah has been great to work with and kept up with us and our changing schedule, as this was a home we were renovating. We are so happy with the water! It tastes and feels great.”

Jim & Miriam L.
Farragut, TN

“Informative water analysis, very smooth installation. Everyone was nice and knowledgable. I really can tell a difference in the water! It feels soft! My tea cups are no longer stained. The water tastes great. We are very happy with our purchase.”

Dawn L.
Knoxville, TN

“Aqua Clear is a very professional company. The install was on time and neat. We are using less soap in the showers, laundry and in the dishwasher. I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin. For about 10 years I have had very bothersome dry, itchy skin, within two weeks there was an amazing difference. This was a surprise to me, I thought I would like the water, but I am amazed at the difference. We really like the taste of the reverse osmosis drinking water and we no longer buy bottled water. I’ve already recommend Aqua Clear to several neighbors.”

Jeff R.
Knoxville, TN

"In July 2007, we purchased a Kinetico water system to improve the quality of water at our Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The water at this location is really hard and has cost us a considerable amount of money to replace equipment damaged by the hard water. Not only did the water system do what the sales rep said it would do, but it also has improved the quality of our soft drinks, coffee, tea, and other food items where water is used in the preparation. The installation service was professionally done and the service after the sale has been outstanding. I highly recommend Aqua Clear Water Systems, LLC even to the point of having a Kinetico water system installed in my personal residence."

M. Smith
Kentucky Fried Chicken - Morristown, TN

"Since installing the Kinetico water filter from Aqua Clear I have been able to stop using 2 medications just for my skin. No more itching, no dry skin, no more emergency room visits due to absolute misery, pain and itching. We have done many major improvements to our home but the Kinetico whole house water filter with the reverse osmosis system was absolutely the best, most treasured piece! The only problem is that that I am spoiled when I travel. I can really tell when a hotel does not have good filtered water. Even the health of our pets has improved since drinking RO! Plus the service we have received from Aqua Clear is always top notch. I recommend Kinetico and Aqua Clear to all of my friends, neighbors and anyone else who complains about the quality of the water in Chattanooga! Steve W., Aqua Clear customer since 2013!"

Steve W.
Ooltewah, TN

“I am so pleased with Aqua Clear and my new water system. After just a couple of baths in the Kinetico water I could really tell a difference in my skin! I feel so clean now after a shower, no burning or itching. Sarah and the install team were so nice, knowledgable, and did a great job. When I travel, I really miss my water! I have even noticed a difference in my inside plants, they grow so much better. The Reverse Osmosis drinking water is the best water I’ve tasted, I really notice the bad taste in other water now! I am so happy I decided to get this system! I had seen Aqua Clear at Home Shows for years, I am so glad I finally called them!”

Lylan F.
Knoxville, TN

“We are so glad we finally made this investment. Everyone has been so nice and professional from the beginning. We have noticed a major improvement in our water since day one. Our water is softer, cleaner and no chlorine smell. Clothing, towels and hair are so much softer. Thank You”

Matthew & Melissa R.
Knoxville, TN

“We have had our Kinetico System from Aqua Clear for one year, at first I was concerned about the price. After having it this long, it was well worth it, no more plumbing problems! We have great drinking water right at our counter. I would recommend Kinetico to anyone who asks. Aqua Clear has treated us great…. Thank You”

Mark & Patricia P.
Sevierville, TN

“The quality of water we use in our home is very important, so when I made the decision to use Aqua Clear Water Systems, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have been using the Kinetico water softener since 2009 and just recently added the reverse osmosis system for drinking water. I am extremely pleased with both systems. Not only is the entire staff very knowledgeable, well-trained and professional, but they are also courteous, friendly and fun to be around. Every question or concern I’ve had has been promptly dealt with and resolved. My special thanks goes to David, Mike and John for their recommendation, advice, hard work and personal touches.”

Ron & Audry
Calhoun, TN

“Very pleased with the service received to date with Aqua Clear! Installation was excellent…follow up customer service provided by Lance was appreciated. We’ve found all service to be prompt and thorough. Our water system has worked beautifully since the day we received it. So soft and tastes wonderful! No more chemical flavor in our water. We highly recommend this water softening system to everyone!”

Jon & Kristen A.
Seymour, TN

“For 10 years I have asked my husband for a water softener and he did not think so, even after replacing appliances due to hard deposit buildup. He listens to Hallerin Hilton Hill daily on Newstalk 98.7 WOKI on his way to work & because of their testimony of Aqua Clear Systems, we now have one in our home!”

Kim & Gus S.
Seymour, TN

“I just want to say that we are very happy with the system. Our sales rep Sarah, was very helpful and had great follow thru! We highly recommend the Kinetico non-electric systems! We were very excited to try a Kinetico non-electric system because in the past we have had electric systems. I am very happy with the small footprint of the Kinetico system! The install team was prompt explained everything and gave us an accurate time frame for the install. They were very neat and left no mess behind.”

Debra P.
Powell, TN

“We have been very happy with everything. They made great suggestions about where would be the best to put the system, Dale, the installation manager, was more interested in making sure that I would have easy access and what would best for us than just getting finished. There has been great follow through from everyone at this company. It has been as good as I hoped it would, I am very happy with the system!

Ed E.
Clinton, TN

“Your guys did the install yesterday. All went GREAT!They did an extremely good job, nice and neat. They were both VERY professional, friendly and informative. They are a credit to your company”

Richard T.
Del Rio, TN

“I knew that our water had high calcium based on the build up in our showers, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw the results. The whole process of testing and then installing the water system was quick and simple. The sales people and installers were great, they explained everything. Now that we have the system we have really noticed the changes. After showering, my husband and I both immediately said that our hair and skin felt cleaner and softer. I look forward to using less soap and detergent!”

Joan & Wade E.
Knoxville, TN

"This is our 3rd Kinetico system from Aqua Clear in our 3 TN homes. We liked the system so much, we installed a Kinetico system in our Florida home. We would never consider using any other brand."

Jimmy & Emma S.
Sevierville, TN

“I can’t believe the difference in our water. I feel so clean when I get out if the shower. The drinking water is amazing!!! Our daughter had eczema, which has almost completely cleared up after just three weeks with our system. My husband says this is the best investment we have ever made. I keep thinking why did we wait so long to do this!”

Jenni B.
Dandridge, TN

"We are delighted with Aqua Clear! The staff is always courteous, on time, tidy and very knowledgeable. Kinetico is an excellent product, and Aqua Clear delivers superb service. That Makes for a winning team. We would recommend Aqua Clear to our friends and neighbors."

Mike & Cecilia S.
Jefferson City, TN

"I really enjoy not having to have to scrub toilets, sinks, and showers all the time because before I was always cleaning everything due to the hard water buildup. This Kinetico Water has made our life so much easier. And it really taste good. Thanks so much."

Gary & Jennifer D.
Loudon, TN

“Our home was built in 2002 and the builder had the Clearwater Drilling Company that drilled our well Put the water filter in the crawl space under the house. Since then I have developed back problems such that it is almost impossible for me to crawl under the house to change the filter (Which, by the way did not help our water much at all ! ) I called my builder around the 1st of July this year and asked if he knew of a plumber that could moved our water filter into our attached garage. My builder gave me the name and phone number of a man who represents a company that is a competitor to Kinetico (I won’t state the name of the company). This man tested our water and gave a price after I asked the price. After he left, I being a person that checks things out before proceeding Googled the name of the company to check them out and found all kinds of very bad remarks about them from all over the United States. I then decided we didn’t need to deal with this company.

We then went to the “Home Depot” store in Sevierville looking for a better water filter to have installed in our attached garage. The sales person at Home Depot told us about Kinetico water Systems by Aqua Clear Water Systems and said they would come and test our water free of charge and he would send them our information and have someone come to our home.In a matter of 2 or 3 days someone called and set up a day and time that Mike Crawford could come and test our water. and tell us about the Kinetico Water System. Mike Crawford came to our home on July 22nd and was prompt arriving at the scheduled time. He very professionally tested our water and found it to be very hard with lime and calcium and took much time in explaining what the Kinetico water softener system could do for our water. We were very much impressed with Mike’s knowledge of water and the Kinetico System and decided to have it and also the Reverse Osmosis Drinking water System . My Wife Shirley has been buying and drinking Dasani bottled water for a long time because of the good tasted of it. We now save the empty water bottles and fill them with our Kinetico Reverse Osmosis water and keep in the refrigerator. We love our new drinking water!

Zack and Jeff were the installers and were prompt in arriving at their scheduled time. They were dressed very neatly and worked very hard doing a neat and professional job. We had just purchased a new Washer and Dryer the day before our Kinetico system was installed which made for perfect timing ! We have since the Kinetico System install had to replace our dish washer which died probably because of the hard water.

To sum it all up, we now have our water filter in our attached garage and also have a wonderful Kinetico Water System from Aqua Clear Water Systems and have great water ! Thank you Mike Crawford, Zack and Jeff, and David Brewster”

Don H.
Sevierville, TN

“It was a pleasant experience dealing with Aqua Clear Water Systems (David) right from the start. They came out to our residence the same day as we contacted them. Within 2 hours he was there doing a water test on my old system that was leaking water on the floor and a constant flow into the septic system. After getting the test results on the current water system we made the decision to go ahead and replace the entire system with a better unit. We had been carrying 15 gallons of water every 5 days or so for years for drinking as the well water in our area is not good. The system we have now works fantastic, we are now able to drink the water from the second faucet. The guys that came out to do the install (Zack and Jeff) were very professional, explained what all they were going to do and worked as a team to get the job done within the time they said it would be finished. I was very happy with how the install went, Zack explained how the system worked and how to operate/maintain the system. I would recommend Aqua Clear Water System to anyone looking to have a top of the line system at a reasonable price.”

Paul B.
Sevierville, TN

“Responded to our request to do a water test. Very fast. Came explained how everything worked. did a water test, Gave us the best deal he could to save us money.. The purchase and install went Great. The follow up has been wonderful. This company seemed to go beyond meeting our needs. We had been hit by lightening. Large damage was done to our home. This went so fast and we knew we could quit worrying about our water problems and go on and take control of the rest of the problems”

Edie G.
Crossville, TN

"Due to the poor quality of our public utility water we decided to explore the possibility of installing a water filtration system in our house. We had previously owned carbon based filters which removes chlorine only and will improve the taste some. Because of reputation and recommendation from friends we decided to call Aqua Clear Water Systems, the local Kinetico distributor. The salesperson J.B. Brewster came to our home and performed numerous test on our water. We were shocked to see all of the “STUFF” that we were ingesting from our tap water through cooking, tea and coffee making. We were also buying bottled water for drinking . We purchased the system and were very pleased with the professional installation crew and sales follow thru. You can only understand the difference in our water by experiencing this system for yourself. It is like comparing a horse and buggy to the automobile. The shower feels like silk, no more bottled water, cleaner dishes and clothes and our little dog loves it! I know that this testimonial sounds like we are related to the owners of this company. :), but we are not. We are just very happy customers. Thanks Aqua Clear!"

Sid K.
Knoxville, TN

“Was very expensive, but total professionalism from beginning to end. Just installed today. Looking forward to much better water.”

Linda O.
Knoxville, TN

“Three things have really stood out to us. First, the educational part of Sarah’s testing and presentation. This really helped us understand our water and was the main reason we decided to go with Aqua Clear over the other company we were considering. Second, the two men who installed our system were very professional, knowledgeable, and neat. The third thing is the amazing difference in our water. I had been mainly focused on the bad taste, but now I have a much better understanding of all the other things affecting our home and body. I have been under the care of a dermatologist for years for a dry skin problem, I have to use a prescription ointment. I noticed improvement in my skin within ten days. There has been dramatic change and am barely having to use the ointment now. The taste of the reverse osmosis drinking water is so much better than the water we were drinking. The truth is I haven’t ever really liked water, but I have to say I am enjoying it now. My wife takes daily baths and can tell a huge difference. We really feel that this is the best investment in our home and health that we have made in a long time!”

Fred & Fran T.
Knoxville, TN

“We just loved Sarah! She was not pushy, she was very courteous and respectful! We really felt like we understood our water and were able to make the best decision for us. The install team was neat and cleaned up everything. We really liked the accessibility of the company, we got every question answered quickly. We really like the water. I have always added lemon because I didn’t like the taste of tap water. Even from the first glass of drinking water I haven’t added any lemon and it really taste great”

Don & Janet T.
Maryville, TN

“Starting with Sarah at our first meeting, all the way to the install team, everything has been explained so well. There was no pressure to buy, which meant a lot to us! We are so very happy that we did buy! We have had many years of experience with electric water softeners from Culligan and RainSoft, in Florida. We were used to having to reset the system every time the power went out, and we were constantly putting in salt. We are very delighted with the non-electric Kinetico system. Our experience with service from the two other company’s we have in past was not very good, they were not readily available when we needed them. They didn’t have any follow up retests, were pretty much gone after the sale. We have been so impressed with how knowable all technicians from Aqua Clear have been. It was the most through water test we have had. We are very pleased with our system and we could tell a difference in our water the very first day. The tea and coffee are so much better. This is an exceptionally professional company!”

Joe & Karen H.
Knoxville, TN

“The water is wonderful! The install team was great. We were very impressed by everyone. Sarah was very helpful and explained everything clearly. We know we made the right decision to purchase our system from Aqua Clear. We couldn’t be more pleased! We have already recommend Aqua Clear, and we wish everyone could have this water!”

David & Joyce K.
Athens, TN

"Everybody has been wonderful! We love the soap so much we have already gone and picked up box for our daughter. The install team was professional, neat and clean. Our bengal cat really loves the new drinking water! We are all very happy with the feel of our skin and the taste of the water now. We are happy to recommend Aqua Clear Water!"

Jan S.
Farragut, TN

"The people that work for this company are very professional! They are so well informed. The dry skin patches on my back and hands are gone. Our drinking water tastes a lot better! I thought it was really nice that the owners wife called to make sure we were happy with everything after the install. We will and have recommended Aqua Clear Water."

Bill & Jane D.
Lenoir City, TN

"Awesome service! Everyone has been professional and good at what they do. They have been so helpful. We love the water and would recommend Aqua Clear to anyone."

Michelle C.
Farragut, TN

"I absolutely love this water. The service has been great! The water feels amazing on our skin, I feel like I have lotion on right out of shower! My husband has diabetes and his feet were very dry and we couldn’t fix it. His feet have healed and are soft and not dry. My granddaughter has very sensitive skin and we had to only wash our clothes in one kind of laundry soap or she would break out. I have tried the pure soap from you all, and she has not reacted to it. The taste of the drinking water is wonderful! I am so happy we made this purchase."

Sandra C.
Knoxville, TN

"I am happy that everything has been done as promised. Everything has been explained to me so well, from the first water test, to the install, to the retest. They responded quickly when I needed them."

Doris R.
Lenoir City, TN

"We are very happy to have our new system! This is our third Kinetico system, we left our last system up north when we moved to Tennessee. The service has been excellent from Aqua Clear! They didn’t leave a mess, they cleaned up everything, and showed up when they said!!! The Reverse Osmosis drinking water tastes great!"

David & Pat H.
Lenoir City, TN

"Since we have had our Aqua Clear water system installed, we have been completely satisfied with the performance of the system. The 30 day check and the 4 month check revealed our drinking water is pure, and great to drink. The impurities have effectively been removed. I would recommend this system to anyone-wholeheartedly."

L. Testasecca
Knoxville, TN

"Service has been great! They were very prompt and clean. I have never seen clear ice cubes, I got so excited I even took a picture and sent it to my friend. We are using much less shampoo and soaps. We are very happy with our new water."

K. Gruhn
Farragut, TN

"We couldn’t be more pleased with our whole experience. Everyone, from Sarah to our install team has taken the time to explain everything so well! Jon and Josh were so nice and even cleaned everything after the install. Our water feels so soft to my skin. Our drinking water is incredible!!! My husband really liked that the faucet matched what we had so well."

Sharon S.
Knoxville, TN

"Our dishwasher was not functioning well because of all the white film inside. I am really happy to say that my dishwasher is now functioning like new! No more funky taste in the water. There is a big difference in the taste of Crystal Light and other powdered mixes, the flavor comes thru much better. I did a taste test with my cats and they picked the reverse osmosis twice, even after we changed which side the drinking water was on. I am using much less lotion! We really like that we have the option to take the system with us if we move. Everyone we have dealt with at Aqua Clear has been wonderful! I especially liked all the follow up to make sure we were happy with the product, the installation, and the retesting of our water."

Farragut, TN

"Service has been excellent from Aqua Clear! We are happy that after showering our skin doesn’t feel dry and stiff anymore. I’ve noticed that my car doesn’t have spots after I rinse it. We love the taste of the reverse osmosis! Our clothes, especially towels, feel soft even without fabric softener. The smell is gone from my front loader washer. We recommend Aqua Clear Water Systems."

E. Hambrecht
Tellico Village, TN

"Sarah, the taste of our water is great! Our clothes are cleaner and they iron up so much faster and better, the wrinkles are not set into the clothes like before we had soft water. Our showers and tubs are easier to clean, just a quick spray and they rinse right off. We really do love it!"

M. Bradley
Oakdale, TN

"Sarah, my water is so nice! We don’t have build up like we use to. We are using the Reverse Osmosis for our bird bath, we have many more birds coming [now]. I was really hoping that getting the chlorine out of my water would help with my Asthma attacks, so far after a month with the water system I haven’t had even one attack, hoping this continues! We highly recommend Aqua Clear Water."

D. Kress
Loudon, TN

"We are very pleased with everything! I am amazed at how little soap I use now. It is really helping my skin! I wish we had done this years ago. My husband is always checking to make sure that I am using the extra pure drinking water for everything I cook and drink. I have recommended you all and soft water to our family. I really am so pleased! Thank you!"

J. Salmon
Knoxville, TN

"We highly recommend Aqua Clear Water! We love our new water! My husband is not having to use shaving cream and feels like he gets a closer shave. The white build up in our dishwasher is almost gone. Our skin and hair look and feel so much better."

R. Shipp
Knoxville, TN

"We operate Limberlost Cabin, a beautiful rental cabin, capable of accommodating 19 guests overnight in the Smokies above Gatlinburg. We want our guests to have a wonderful experience during their stay with us to keep them coming back.

Our cabin’s water supply is a deep well. Unfortunately, the well developed sulfur and our guests were complaining as the strong sulfur smell became very objectionable. The hot tub was a nightmare to keep clean and appealing. We knew something had to be done and quickly.

After meeting with several professional water treat companies, we made the
decision to go with Aqua Clear Water Systems. Unlike the other companies,
the Aqua Clear technician performed a free thorough water analysis on-site, and he explained the various systems they had that would work with our well water chemistry.

We chose the maintenance-free, no chemicals to add, self-cleaning sulfur and iron unit, and the system functions exactly like the technician said it would.

At the agreed-upon time of installation, the Aqua Clear installation team arrived and completed the installation on time. They were professional, courteous, and cleaned up behind themselves.

It has been two months now since we installed the system. The strong sulfur was immediately gone from the water. I could not believe how fast our hot tub problems went away. In just a few days, the water in the hot tub was just sparkling, and the amount of time we have to spend now cleaning is minimal.

As part of Aqua Clear’s service, the technician who originally came to our cabin retuned yesterday voluntarily to retest our water to insure the system was working correctly. (At “no charge,” I might add.)

This experience with Aqua Clear has been great. The Aqua Clear system works perfectly, and all their personnel have been friendly, courteous, and professional.

I am very pleased with the system’s operation and with the service that Aqua Clear has provided to us and will recommend Aqua Clear to anyone whose water is not up to the level of quality they want."

R. Chismar
Gatlinburg, TN

"We are very happy with our new water! We called Aqua Clear because our baby granddaughter started getting sick after drinking formula mixed with our tap water. We purchased a system for the whole house with drinking water. We have started using Reverse Osmosis drinking water for her and she is now enjoying her formula."

J. Clemmons
Loudon, TN

"Sarah, the water is just as you said it would be. My new water tastes great! My coffee and tea are so much better. My jewelry is shiny and bright. My laundry is clean with much less soap even when I wash in cold. My dishes are clean with no spots. I am really happy with this company. I wish everyone would get this system."

J. Clark
Knoxville, TN