Whole House Water Softener Systems

Tennessee is a great state to live in, but unfortunately, there are many areas where you will only find hard water. This can come with a few issues when it comes to household maintenance. It means:

  • Poor quality laundry washing
  • Unpleasant skin irritation after bathing
  • Bitter, unpleasant water
  • Reduced durability for water-using appliances.

Since 2005, we’ve been happy to provide an award-winning whole house water softener systems to businesses and homes in the Tennessee area. Our water filtration company started with David Brewster, our founder, working in his parents’ garage, having been employed for over a decade in the water treatment industry. Over the years we’ve expanded to a team of over forty and have amassed over 8000 very happy clients. Read More

Hard Water Vs Soft Water

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Kinetico® Premier Series

Maximum performance providing the highest quality water for your home.

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Generous Flow Rates

Designed for homes with larger plumbing and high water use, Premier Series softeners deliver generous flow rates without forfeiting water softness. 

On-Demand Regeneration

One tank is always in service while the other tank is either on standby or regenerating. Premier Series systems regenerate at any time of the day or night to ensure you will always have a supply of soft water. 

Precise, Efficient Operation

Our patent-pending XP feature allows more precise system calibration to your home’s specific water conditions for optimum efficiency, operational cost savings and waste reduction.

Kinetico® Signature Series

Warranty Information

Third Party Certified

Owners Manual

Twin Tank Design

Kinetico Signature Series water softeners are modeled after our original twin tank, non-electric water softeners that have been solving the water problems for millions of people worldwide for decades.

Non-Electric Operation

Powered by water flow (kinetic energy) instead of electricity, there are no electrical components to repair or replace. 

Softwater, Countercurrent Regeneration

Signature Series water softeners regenerate using soft water. With soft water regeneration, your system will work better and last longer.