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Do Water Softeners Remove Chlorine?

The short answer is: No they do not remove chlorine.

A whole house water softener softens the water and does not filter the water. On city water, this can be a problem, because all city water has chlorine in it. If you just buy a water softener you will be left with soft water, but the chlorine will still be left in there.

What does chlorine do?

We always tell people it is a great thing that chlorine is in our city water. It kills all the bacteria/viruses that would otherwise grow in our city water systems. However, once it gets to our homes it is time to remove it.

Since it:
-Dry’s out your skin and hair
-Bleach your clothes during washing
-Damage your rubber gaskets
-Kills healthy bacteria on your skin and in your gut

Our Solution

Our Kinetico® Quad-Tank Water Refiners play the part of softening and filtering without any electricity. The bottom two tanks our filled with coconut carbon that remove the chlorine, while the top two tanks our filled with a fine mesh resin to soften the water. Our Kinetico® City Water packages include a 5-micron pre filter that stops any mud or sediment from damaging the water refiner.

At Aqua Clear Water Systems, we pride ourselves on being the highest quality water filtration company in all of Tennessee. Fill out a form here or call/text us @ 865-225-6555 to learn more.

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