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What is the Average life Expectancy of a Water Softener?


Life expectancy, huh? Sounds serious. Using that term indicates just how important our water supply is. In the US we are fortunate to have an excellent water supply, but that doesn’t mean a supply of excellent water. There may be plenty of it, flowing strongly through the pipes into our homes, and perfectly drinkable, but what about the difference between hard water and soft? Soft good, hard bad, and the fact is that 85% of the water in this country is hard. To bring water up to an excellent standard you need a device, and that is why water softener lifespan is important.

Without a water softener, you’ve got calcium, magnesium, and other elements crusting up your faucets – and that’s all you can see. If your water is leaving those white deposits there, it’s leaving them in all the pipes and all your appliances, reducing efficiency and potentially leading to breakdowns. That is why people are asking how to make a water softener last longer.

The answer is twofold: firstly, you can’t expect a cheap one to last a long time. That’s why things are cheap because they are made with no concern for durability or even functionality. They are all about cheapness. With a water softener, you need quality from the outset.

Secondly: maintenance. You need to look after your investment, and that is not really hard to do. Simple processes carried out regularly are the name of the game. Like adding salt and changing the pre-filter.

How to renew a water softener? Don’t let it get to that stage. Get a good one, keep it in good order and it will perform well for a long time.

How Do I Know if My Water Softener Needs Replacing?

Now there’s a question that hardly needs to be asked. You know what hard water is and what it does: in addition to crusting up your appliances, it leaves your hair and skin feeling not quite right after a shower, with that invisible film interfering with the softness. If your water softener is not doing its job, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and get a new one. Buy a better one. Bring quality into your home and you will be rewarded with years of great water – water as it should be.

Water Softener Lifespan: Let Other People Ask the Questions

If the area you live in has hard water – and it probably does – get yourself a great water softener such as a Kinetico and you will have friends and visitors asking you these questions. They will think you’re lucky when really you are just prudent. You’ve made a sound decision, and it is paying off. Beautiful drinking water without buying the bottled stuff, silky smooth shower experiences, and the soap lathers up easily, so you don’t waste money on that either.

In years to come they’ll be asking you, “How long have you had that water softener now? How long do they last? And you can tell them. “I’ve had it years. Good quality, you see, influences water softener lifespan.”