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How Much Does It Cost to Have A Water Softener Serviced?


This is a question asked by the long-term thinker, and if you are the kind of person who always has an eye on the bottom line, good for you. The world has moved on from the disposable mentality that filled the planet with debris and now it is cool once again to think about durability, maintenance, and repair rather than unthinking replacement. So, water softener replacement cost has to be balanced against water softener repair cost, but there is also a third consideration: water softener service cost – and that is where the thought process should start. Get the routine servicing right and you could avoid many problems.

You might find the thought of servicing your car more than a little daunting, but a water softener, particularly a good quality one like a Kinetico, is a different proposition altogether. With a little technical aptitude and a lot of common sense you can do this yourself, or, if you usually get a friend or relative to do these things for you, they can handle it.

What Are the Ongoing Maintenance Costs of a Water Softener?

To keep a salt-based softener going, obviously, you need to replenish the salt as and when necessary, but that is ludicrously easy. It’s like feeding a pet. The cost of this will be outlined at the start by the company you buy the water softener from, and it’s not much anyway, so that’s not going to come as a surprise. They may also offer to carry out routine maintenance for you, for a small charge, and again that will be spelled out at the outset. How much does it cost to have a water softener serviced? Not a lot. Ultimately, this is not delicate like a Swiss watch and it’s not subject to extremes like a Nascar engine. Most people can handle it, but if you want to leave it to the professionals, it’s not going to break the bank.

Is It Worth Repairing a Water Softener?

That is another question altogether, and it really depends on what is wrong with it. If you bought the least expensive one you could find, this may be nature’s way of telling you not to be a cheapskate. If you bought a Kinetico, though, and it’s been damaged accidentally, you will probably want to have it repaired. The dealer you bought it from will tell you if that’s possible. If it’s a part that has malfunctioned, you may find it’s covered by the warranty or maybe your household insurance.

How much does it cost to rebuild a water softener? If you’re asking this, it sounds like you’ve had a major incident, and with a sophisticated piece of equipment, rebuilding may not be a sensible option.

Can a water softener tank be repaired? Again, this sounds rather extreme, but it all depends on what you mean exactly. The best idea is to get in touch with the people you bought it from and see what they have to say. If you have already had a good, long run with your water softener, maybe it’s time for a new one, but it could be something deceptively simple, in which case your supplier will do it for you, no doubt.