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Water Softener Dealers Near Me

If you are interested in the quality of water your home uses, then you are probably scanning the internet searching for “water softener dealers near me”. You want somebody local and someone you can trust, right? How do you know that the person, or company you employ aren’t just going to try and hard-sell you an expensive and unnecessary system because they just want to make as much money out of you as possible?

If you don’t get somebody personally recommending someone, then the next best thing is to look at reviews, and from East and Middle Tennessee Aqua Clear Water Systems is the highest rated provider of water softeners and filters you will find. We are a family run business that has gone from strength to strength and built up a successful enterprise with over 50 members of staff who have serviced more than 10,000 residential and commercial clients since we started. That doesn’t happen through bad service or luck, it is because we are committed to providing superior service to our clients, with top-quality customer support, and of course, the award-winning products we use.

Why Worry About Softer Water?

Water is water, it all comes out of the tap and is clean and safe to use, right? Wrong! We offer free water testing to show you what contaminants and harmful chemicals are in your area. Just because water looks clean and clear doesn’t mean it is free from toxins, heavy metals, carcinogenic chemicals, or even bacteria and other microorganisms. All these hidden dangers can be hazardous to health, and you may not even realize they are there!

Water has varying amounts of minerals in it depending on where it comes from, and excess levels of magnesium and calcium are two very common ions that cause what is described as “hard water”. Hard water can cause dry, itchy skin, it can wear your clothes out more quickly, and clean laundry can appear dull and stiff. Hard water also causes a build-up of limescale in your water system, clogging your pipes over time causing water pressure to drop, and damaging your water-using appliances meaning you have to replace them before their time.

Recent water tests revealed that East Tennessee has up to 32.75 times the safe limits of some toxins, and water companies and their bad practices have never been more talked about than on the news today.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

The good news is that for every problem there is a solution, and Aqua Clear has got the most affordable solution for every water problem out there. If you want a water softener dealer near you that is locally owned and operated, then call us today and book a free water test. Our qualified technicians will come to your house and assess your water quality, water usage, needs, and budget, and customize a water filtration system specifically designed to match your needs.

We give you a price-match guarantee on everything and offer more products and better warranties than anyone else on the market. With the assurance that you will be getting 99.9% pure water, what’s there even left to think about?