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How To Fix Cloudy Tap Water

If you have noticed your tap water is looking rather cloudy and want to know how to fix it, you must first determine the cause. The most likely reason is the presence of tiny, trapped air bubbles in the system. A glass of cloudy water should gradually clear over a minute as the air bubbles travel from the bottom upwards. Cloudiness like this can sometimes happen when repairs are undertaken on a pipe nearby and air gets trapped in the water. Occasionally this fizzy water may dislodge deposits that have collected inside the pipes, so you may notice deposits in the bottom of your glass also. If there is a simple explanation like this for air in your pipes, you can release the trapped air from your system and the problem should be solved. However, unexplained water pressure fluctuations resulting from a burst or leaking pipe could lead to more extensive problems with your plumbing and it may be necessary to call a plumber.

If just the hot water tap is cloudy, fixing it may not be necessary as this can be normal when gasses trapped by water molecules expand in the heat. If the problem persists though, your water heater may need repair so call a plumber as soon as possible because water heater issues can be dangerous.

Other Causes for Cloudy Tap Water

Hard water may appear cloudy due to its high mineral content, which can create chalky white deposits in your faucets and pipes. Hard water can also make your hair and skin feel dry and cause your clothes to develop stains and wear out more quickly. Hard water will leave scale deposits on your fixtures and pipes which will build up over time, disrupting your water pressure and wearing out your water-using appliances. The easiest way to fix this type of cloudy tap water is to have a water softener system installed.

While bubbles and hard water are not generally dangerous to your health, there are other contaminants to be aware of that can also cause cloudy water and be hazardous. The presence of methane gas, for example, can cause dizziness and blackouts, rashes, and leg swelling. If your cloudy water also has a color like brown, green, or yellow, you need to have your water analyzed to see what contaminants or pollutants are causing the problem, so you can choose the right water filtration system to fix your cloudy tap water.

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At Aqua Clear Water Systems, our expert technicians will perform a free water test at your home so they can assess what is causing the problem with your tap water and offer suitable options that tie in with your needs and budget. If you want to fix your cloudy tap water and ensure your water is 99.9% free of harmful contaminants, toxic chemicals, and limescale we have numerous options for you to choose from, including whole house systems or simple drinking water filtration. Whatever the problem, we have the solution.