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What Does an Industrial Water Softener Do?

Industrial water softeners remove excess minerals that occur naturally in water through ion exchange. Calcium and magnesium are generally the most commonly found minerals in water that can combine and solidify to create limescale, which can in turn cause damage to your pipes and water equipment.

The correct balance of minerals of incoming water is essential to the proper operation and maintenance of any industrial system and is vital in providing you with a consistent finished product so your business can maintain its high standards. Industrial water softener systems take water that is unfit for industrial use and turn it into water that is free from sediment, contaminants, and toxic chemicals, leaving you with the correct PH balance and purification standards.

Hard water, or water that has excess levels of minerals and harmful chemicals can ruin expensive equipment. Don’t wait until it is too late, and your water-using parts won’t work properly anymore or need replacing, get your industrial water softener installed today so you don’t have to worry about it tomorrow.

Think Of Your Clients and Your Staff Too

Water is vital to our health – whether you drink it, bathe in it, or use it on an industrial scale, water should be free from impurities and not create scale formation in pipes or other equipment. Here at Aqua Clear, we pride ourselves on providing solutions for every problem. Our Industrial water softener solutions can be adapted to suit everyone and can be customized according to your needs and your budget.

Impress your clients by showing them that you care for them and the environment by providing safe, clean, and odor-free water. The savings that you can create by providing your business with a better quality water supply are endless. From adding years to the life span of expensive equipment that could otherwise get ruined from hard or toxic water, right down to eliminating up to 70% of soaps and cleaners used in your business once your water becomes softer.

What Makes Our Industrial Water Systems So Good?

From carbon filtration that removes chlorine and foul odors from your system to water softeners that remove the hardness of your water reducing the build-up of limescale, our Kinetico systems are powered by the kinetic energy of moving water, not by electricity, meaning there are no timers or computers to worry about, nor any electrical problems to consider. Our products are made in the USA and are the only non-electrical systems on the market.

We provide you with the most in-depth water test, to help us better decide which system or industrial water softener will be most suitable to your needs, budget, and business. Once we have analyzed your water and customized your system, we install it, and if there is any problem at all we will fix or replace the entire system within 1 year.

We are so confident in our products that we price-match everything and give you an unbeatable water-quality guarantee. All our valves, tanks, and media come with an amazing 10-year warranty, and if your water quality isn’t the best it can be we will work for free until it is.