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Keeping Your System Fit: Kinetico Water Softener Maintenance

Buying and using top-quality products obviously bodes well for our quality of life, but it’s an ongoing process. In most cases, you can’t just buy something and forget about it. It has to be maintained. Take cars, for instance. Even the most prestigious marques have to be looked after.

What to Expect When Purchasing and Installing a Kinetico Water Softener

It’s the same when you see a Kinetico water softener system for sale. You talk to the company about what it is you need and immediately get some idea of what these people are like. Do they have your best interests at heart? Do they know their business inside out? All being well, you identify the product you need, and you buy it: great idea. You have it installed, and here you learn more about the company, from how they go about their business in your home. Having installed the product, do they fly out the door without further ado, or do they make sure you understand about keeping your investment in good condition?

When it comes to filters, if you have an appetite for technical explanations, you may want to hear about the “ion exchange” process that takes the calcium and magnesium out and puts sodium or potassium in. On the other hand, you may be interested in the result rather than the method, and “a filter is a filter, just give me the best one”.

If it’s a Kinetico reverse osmosis filter system – the best kind – do they talk to you about Kinetico replacement filters and how long it will be before they need attention? Maybe the salesperson went through this earlier on, but there is a lot of technical stuff to get your head around, so it doesn’t hurt to hear it again, particularly as it is good news. Reverse osmosis involves a semi-permeable membrane – that’s a very thin piece of material that lets clean water molecules through but blocks any impurities. Such is the quality of Kinetico products, if you replace other things such as the sediment filter, it could be years before the membrane needs to be replaced.

What Does the Performance of Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Filters Depend on?

The need for Kinetico replacement filters does depend to a certain extent on what the system has to contend with. If the water that comes into your property is high in contaminants, because the action of the filters involves letting the good water through while keeping the bad stuff out, there is inevitably a build-up that will have to be dealt with eventually. There is also the question of what exactly the contaminants are.

It’s a similar story with Kinetico water softener maintenance. If there is a great deal of calcium and magnesium in the water, there will be a great deal of it caught in the resin that is put in the apparatus and releases sodium. That resin will eventually become saturated with what it has removed and will need to be flushed out and have salt added.

That is maintenance, and it’s not rocket science, but some customers prefer to have a professional do it for them. As long as somebody does it, your Kinetico equipment will give you a long period of great performance.