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Should You Buy a Household Water Testing Kit?

It is vitally important to find out what condition your water supply is in. What impurities (AKA contaminants) does it contain? If that sounds rather dramatic, it’s not – it is merely realistic. Water does contain impurities. Even municipal water which has been processed by a local government department will have something in it that wouldn’t be there in an ideal world. As for well water: there is a Little House on the Prairie element about that, but there are probably chemical elements too. Things like calcium and magnesium, the main villains in hard water, which builds up your coffee pot and all sorts of other places you can’t see, like inside your washing machine and any other household devices that use water. Hard water also leaves your skin and hair feeling crusty after a shower. So that’s one reason to check out your water supply. You may already be thinking, should I buy a water hardness testing kit? But hold your horses, because we’re not finished yet.

Could There Be Dangerous Chemicals in Your Water?

There could be just about anything in there, from iron to hydrogen sulfite. The first produces those rusty stains under the faucets in bathtubs, while the second is responsible for the rotten egg smell that is so off-putting in drinks and cooking. You can get an iron test kit for water, and the sulfur problem would reveal itself soon enough, without any need for a kit. The embarrassment of inviting people to your housewarming party and serving them foul-smelling tea and coffee would do the job.

How about lead? It was inherent in the pipes themselves in the days before we knew it was harmful, and yes, you can get a water lead test kit.

Concerned about the acid/alkali aspect? You will find a Ph test kit for water online somewhere. But what about something as alarming as arsenic? It has been known, even in these parts. Rare, maybe, but you don’t want to be the one that’s got it. You can get a drinking water lab test and if you have your own private supply, you can get a home well water test kit, but it’s an amateur approach and this is too serious a matter for that. A household water testing kit might be an instructive exercise for kids, but as a responsible adult, you need professional help.

What is the Alternative to a Household Water Testing Kit?

The alternative is a proper, serious, professional, laboratory-based testing service such as we at Aqua Clear provide. We can test your water for free for all of the above and many other undesirables. It’s the only real way to get to grips with the issue. Having identified what you’re up against we can eliminate the impurities, leaving you with water that’s as close to its original pristine condition as you are going to get in a world that has not been doing nature any favors these past few centuries. We can give you soft water, odorless water, safe water. It’s not much to ask, is it? And it’s possible, so give us a call, and let’s get started with the professional answer to the household water testing kit