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Why is my Tap Water Cloudy?

This is one of those mystifying water issues that pop up from time to time: milky tap water. When it happens, people want to know: why is my tap water cloudy? This should not be confused with dirty tap water, because in many cases this is just bubbles in tap water, but bubbles so small they make it look as if there is something white in there. Bubbles of air are not in themselves harmful, but it is certainly an imperfection, and most of us really expect from our water is that it has no features at all: no color and no smell. Water is meant to be clear, pure, odorless, and generally innocent and trustworthy.

What Causes Bubbles in Tap Water?

This could be many things, and one of them is hard water, which in itself is not harmful but is undesirable because it is caused by excess calcium and magnesium which can make your showering experience less pleasurable. The same elements that sit on your skin and hair can clog up coffee pots, pipes, faucets, and appliances such as washing machines. The good news is that hard water can be converted into soft water by a simple process that replaces the calcium and magnesium with sodium or potassium. A professional water company can install a water softener quickly and easily to resolve your problem, so if this is what’s making your tap water cloudy, don’t worry: just call a professional.

If you pour a glass of water and it is cloudy, the bubbles will probably dissipate after a minute or so, but of course that is not the point. It shouldn’t come out like that in the first place. It indicates something is wrong. Maybe there is air trapped in the pipe. You might have a damaged aerator. It could be something to do with water pressure or temperature. If the municipal water company is carrying out maintenance nearby, this could be something they have done just before everything gets back to normal. On the other hand, if it’s a hot water tap, there could be a problem with your water heater.

Should You Be Worried About Milky Tap Water?

In all likelihood, there is a simple explanation for this, and it is certainly no reason to panic. However, you should get your water looked at by a professional as soon as possible. We at Aqua Clear are often called in when water is cloudy from a faucet, and we will go about a calm, logical process to find out what is causing it. Having your water tested is a good thing, in fact. You could find you have a hard water issue and get that dealt with. There could be something amiss in the pipes or the tank. You could find there are contaminants that weren’t there in the past. The route of water from the clouds to your home is a long and arduous one, be it government water taking a long pipe journey or well water that doesn’t get the scrutiny its municipal equivalent does and needs to be checked out.

So, don’t be alarmed but do something about it. Pick up the phone or contact us online and let us assess the situation. Water is one of the essentials of life and good water is a basic requirement in your home, so let us rectify matters for you. Why is my water cloudy is a simple question and there will be a simple answer.