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What To Do If Your Water System Is Sweating?

Summer where are you? As much as we love every season, we’re looking forward to some sunshine and warmer weather over here at Aqua Clear. As the warmer months come along, we often get calls asking “Why is my water system sweating?”.

The beautiful East Tennessee area has HIGH levels of humidity. Ever been outside and felt sweaty, instantly? That’s the humidity sticking to you.

A water system is no different. When warm air hit a colder surface it creates condensation. Which is the “sweat” on your whole house water softening system.

The main thing to do is MOVE your leak alarms out of the pan, so the condensation doesn’t set them off. Once the weather changes you can add them right back. 

That sweat pools up on the floor, and sets of your water alarms (if you have them). Text the word “Alarm” to (865) 252-4205 for instructions on how to turn off the water alarms. If you have gallons of water on the floor that is not condensation, but possibly a leak so call us immediately at 865-225-6555.

How To Stop Your Water Softener System From Sweat 

Wrap your water system tanks with insulation. Wrap the pipes with insulation. Neoprene or foam are great materials to use. We do have tight neoprene sleeves, for certain size systems, we can order for you. You have to create a barrier from the warm air hitting the cold water in the tanks.

We also have plastic pans, sized for our water systems, that will keep the water from getting on the floor.

If you can keep the garage or crawlspace door closed that will help prevent hot/humid air from coming in. Also if you have a dehumidifier place it in your garage or crawlspace.

At Aqua Clear Water Systems, we pride ourselves on being the highest quality water filtration company in all of Tennessee.

Have any more questions? Don’t hesitate to call or text us @ 865-225-6555.Hope this helps,

The Aqua Clear Team