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You may have been hearing mentions lately of fluoride in your water. It’s been circulating that municipally provided water is actually treated with fluoride. We’ve written a whole article on fluoride, which you can check out if you’d like all the details, but the summary is this: fluoride has no business being in your home’s water, and the less of it there is, the better.

Our Water Filter System in Dandridge is Perfect for You

The best way to combat fluoride in your water is with a water system company and the most trustworthy and efficient water filter system in Dandridge is the Kinetico model provided by Aqua Clear Water Systems.

You Don’t Need To Worry With Our Water Softener System in Dandridge

We offer the best water softener system in Dandridge which includes fluoride and it supposedly has dental benefits, but these actually only apply to young children, and even if they do, the negatives far outweigh the positives which are why you should have a whole house water softener. Here are some of the health concerns linked to fluoride:

  • Fluoride can cause your arteries to harden, which is a major factor in serious heart disease. This is a real concern especially in the US, where cardiovascular disease is on the rise and killing millions each year.
  • The type of fluoride added to your water can also adversely impact the thyroid, which is especially harmful to children. This can cause puberty to happen unusually early or unusually late, and it can lead to hormonal imbalances as well.
  • In certain concentrations in drinking water, it can also leach any lead found in your home’s pipe system; lead has already been thoroughly studied as harmful to us, especially during early development.
  • Prolonged intake of fluoride can also build up in the bones, which weakens them and makes them more prone to fractures. That’s especially dangerous for older people.

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The list goes on. That’s why having a whole house water softener in Dandridge is not just about having clean water but about protecting your family’s health. Our water filter system installation removes any excess minerals from your water, but they also completely purify it of fluoride. You can install a separate faucet in your home for drinking water that’s been thoroughly emptied of harmful chemicals. It makes sense to be worried, but with our help, you don’t have to be.

Use Our Water Treatment Systems in Dandridge For The Best Results

On the other hand, maybe you’re not very worried. Maybe you’re reasonably confident that the water in your area is safe, and you don’t see the need for a water treatment system in Dandridge. We understand not wanting to make a hasty purchase, which is why we offer all our customers a water analysis, free of charge! We can test your water and let you know exactly how much it’s been treated with fluoride or what its hardness level is. Each home is different, so yours might be one of the lucky ones that has clean, safe drinking water without a filter. But testing is the only way to be sure, and it’s always good to be sure.

Choose Aqua Water Systems For Water Filtration System in Dandridge

If you have any questions or would like to set up your free water test, just give Aqua Clear Water Systems a call! You can find our number at the top of the site. If you decide you’re not totally happy with the water provided in your locality, we guarantee you will be after installing one of our water filtration systems in Dandridge!
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