Water Filtration Company Lenoir City

Naturally occurring clean water is a rarity in most households. There are many reasons why water might become contaminated, including soil erosion, animal contaminants, or high mineral content that might not make it good to drink. Add this to the fact that water must be treated for human consumption and use, then it is perhaps unsurprising that many households make use of water filtration systems. However, it is important to think carefully about what systems you use.

Looking for Reverse Osmosis System in Lenoir City?

It is for this reason that Aqua Clear Water Systems offers reverse osmosis systems in Lenoir City. Simply put, contaminated or unclean water is pressurized through a membrane designed specifically to remove salts, toxins, and minerals, to be stored on the other side as freshwater. The storage then feeds your water system so that you get clean, uncontaminated, and refreshing water running straight to the faucets in your sinks, showers, and baths. It’s a smart, efficient solution for anyone looking for water filter for home in Lenoir City.

Water Filter Systems Tailored to Your Needs In Lenior City

Since 2005 we’ve been the foremost providers of treatment solutions in Tennessee, including water filter system in Lenoir City. We’re proud to offer a family-run service that is dedicated to delivering on our promises and guarantees water treatment systems in Lenoir City that remain unrivaled in terms of quality and efficiency. As a business, we’ve built a reputation for service excellence that has earned us more than 8000 clients over the years, including big names like Coca-Cola and KFC.
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We offer a range of services when it comes to water filtration systems in Lenoir City. These include:

Whole House Water Filter in Lenoir City

These whole house water filter in Lenoir City are designed to create the water as it comes into your home. Especially useful if you’re in a hard water area, our whole house water softner system can soften the water as well as filter out contaminants before they reach the point of use. Other benefits of whole house water filters in Lenoir City include:

  • Longer-lasting clothes.
  • Removal of ‘clear water iron which can stain tiles and upholstery.
  • More hygienic for use with dishes and washing up.
  • Better for your skin and hair when showering and bathing.

Drinking-Water Systems

These are water softener installations in Lenoir City that are designed to be installed at the point of use, these are especially useful if you find that your water is acrid better. Our water softener systems in Lenoir City filter out the minerals and contaminants that can make your water hard and unpleasant so that you can use it cooking and drinking.

  • Environmentally friendly as you will not need to buy water filters or wasteful plastic bottles.
  • Hygienic and healthy.
  • Safe to drink

Well Water Services

If you have or are planning to drop your own well, you will certainly benefit from our service for water testing in Lenoir City. We are well experienced in examining water in your area and know what to watch out for when it comes to unhygienic contaminants. We can also offer you water system for well water in Lenoir City, which will make your well water safer to use.

Call Us or Order a Free Water Test Today!

Whether you are looking for a simple water filter system for your drinking water or you need a complete water softener service in Lenoir City, we’re always on hand to offer you our help. Either give us a call today or request a free water test and you will soon have a tailored water filter system in Lenoir City, where you need it most!
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