Water Filtration Company Madisonville, Tennessee

When you think of a water filter, you might think of a superfluous and complicated device, cleaning water that was basically clean anyway. It sounds like a lot of money for benefits you won’t even really notice, and installing it to begin with seems like a nightmare as well. In reality, if you purchase a water filtration system in Madisonvillefrom Aqua Clear Water Systems, it will be affordable, easy to install, easy to understand and maintain, and the benefits will be noticeable and plentiful.

The Most Reliable Water Filtration System in Madisonville

If you’re frustrated with soap scum or struggling to moisturize your hair, you’ll want a high quality filtration system to remove all the excess minerals from your water. Water with high concentrations of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, is known as hard water. Hard water often leaves behind a white residue and dries out your skin and hair. The quality of water varies from home to home, but in Tennessee, water often tilts towards the harder end of the spectrum. That’s why we’ve already helped hundreds of residents with our water softener service in Madisonville.

By purchasing a Kinetico system from us, you’re not just improving the quality of the water you clean with and bathe in—you’re also giving yourself clean drinking water and helping the environment. Our home water filter system make it perfectly safe to drink water from any sink in your home, so buying bottled water becomes completely unnecessary. By cutting out all those plastic water bottles, you’re saving massive amounts of money long-term as well as sparing the environment from one of the most notorious pollutants out there.

Our Kinetico filters only become better as an investment with time, so if you want to save money and keep healthy, give us a call!
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Our Water Softener Installation is Simple, Non-Electric, and Reliable

If you’re going to hire us for a water softener installation in Madisonville , you probably want to know a bit about the filter itself. Our filtration systems are provided by Kinetico, and they operate in a very straightforward and safe manner.

The filters rely on basic chemistry. Certain elements tend to have a positive or negative charge, and opposites attract. The calcium and magnesium in hard water tend to carry a negative charge, so the filter uses a positive charge to attract the minerals and separate them from the water as it flows through. This happens in a part of the filter called the mineral tank; the tank is filled with resin beads that contain sodium ions, which carry the positive charge. The sodium ions are perfectly harmless thanks to the tiny amount that actually encounter your water.

Eventually, the sodium in the mineral tank does lose its charge, so it needs to be recharged periodically. The mineral tank also accumulates a lot of the minerals it’s removing from your water, so it needs to clean itself. With other systems, the water softener service in Madisonville is forced to clean itself with untreated hard water, which doesn’t help as much. The filter also has to shut down temporarily to clean itself, which means you’re not receiving properly filtered water while the filter is regenerating its charge and cleaning itself.

Out Kinetico systems, on the other hand, use the clever twin-tank system. Water from one tank is used to clean the other, and while one is cleaning itself, the other takes over filtering, so your water is always treated. Plus, the whole system is non-electric, which saves you a ton of money on electricity.

Free Water Testing in Madisonville

We also offer water systems for well water so if you’d like to know the quality of your water before buying anything, we offer completely free water testing in Madisonville and all our customers across Tennessee. Call Aqua Clear Water Systems today to get started with our water treatment system in Madisonville.
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