Water Filtration Company Rogersville, Tennessee

You might think you wouldn’t even notice the difference if a water filter system in Rogersville was installed in your home, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It might surprise you to know that the right mineral balance in your water isn’t just good for your health—it affects the durability of your pipes, clothes, soap, and even your hair!

Install This Water Filter System for Your Rogersville Home and Feel the Difference

You see, a lot of common household problems are caused by overly hard water, which is water that contains high amounts of minerals dissolved in it. The chalk-like residue that tends to linger in sinks and bathtubs is a buildup of minerals like calcium, and over time that chalky film can be extremely hard to wipe off. The effect inside the pipes is even worse. Many of these minerals commonly found in your water will become solid and crystalline when heated, so hot water will eventually clog your pipes with a buildup of hardened calcium, often called scale. This buildup is not harmful to your health, but it wreaks havoc on your water pressure.

Hard water also does not mix well with soaps that’s why we always recommend whole house water softening system to all our customers in Rogersville. The mixture results in soap scum, which is the residue we mentioned earlier. Soap scum doesn’t just build up on sinks—if you do the laundry with hard water, soap scum will actually accumulate in your clothes’ fibers and cause the clothing to stiffen uncomfortably. The soap scum can even build up in your hair and pores, leaving them unusually dry and making your skin itch.

Since none of that sounds appealing, we proudly recommend our water softener system to our Rogersville customers. Softening or conditioning water removes excess minerals as well as contaminants. Not only is your water safer to drink, but it’s also easier to clean with and better for your hair. In other words, buying a water filter for home in Rogersville from Aqua Clear Water Systems will have multiple benefits that you’ll experience and enjoy every single day.
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A Better Designed Water Softener System in Rogersville

There are many water filtration systems available out there, and several are readily available right here in Rogersville. So, what makes ours different?

Our water filtration company surpass all competition in a couple of ways. First, unlike many others, the Kinetico system is non-electric. This saves homeowners a massive amount of money over the years in electric bills. After all, a water filter is active almost constantly, which will consume a fair amount of electricity. Plus, electric appliances almost always carry more risk than non-electric ones, so it’s also a safety concern you won’t need to have.

The other great benefit is the twin-tank system. You see, this filter removes excess minerals using a mineral tank, which contains resin beads that use ion charges to pull dissolved minerals out of the water. Over time, those removed minerals will build up in the tank and make it difficult for the filter to continue softening water, which will prompt the filter to clean itself and refresh the ion charges in its beads. With most other filters, which only use one tank, the filter would have to stop conditioning your water temporarily to clean itself with hard water. The Kinetico instead has two tanks, which allows one to clean itself using treated water from the other. Moreover, when one tank begins cleaning itself, the other takes over the filtration process, so you’re never left without clean water.

In other words, our water treatment systems in Rogersville surpass everything else available.

Water Testing System in Rogersville is Perfect For Your Homes

If you’d like to be sure before investing in a filter, we’re here to help! You can book a free water test with us, and we’ll give you accurate details on the hardness and fluoride levels of your water. Aqua Clear Water System also offers well water filtration system in Rogersville so we recommend you to fill out the quote form or call us to get started!
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