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Kinetico Models: Let’s Get Specific

There are two distinct sides to our range of water systems: softeners and purifiers, but most homeowners choose to use both. Let’s look first at the product that has quickly become established as America’s favorite unit for pure drinking water: the K5 reverse osmosis drinking water station. The features of this unit give you the best of both worlds: the purity of a top reverse osmosis system plus the ease of operation and sleek design of a drinking water station that is as much at home in your home as in a commercial building or office.

Anyone who enjoys what has come to be known as water cooler chats is attracted by the social element, but when the unit itself is as good-looking and efficient as the K5, that can only enhance the experience.

The K5 Drinking Water Station eliminates the need to buy bottled water, which not only saves money and the unnecessary use of plastic but also the inconvenience of lugging gallons of water back from the store and perhaps manhandling one of those huge bottles into position, in many cases upside down. Convenience and simplicity: those are the buzzwords of the modern age and with a Kinetico K5, once it is installed, all you have to do is a bit of easy maintenance now and then.

Size Matters – Dimensions of Unit and Size of Issue

The range of models includes the Kinetico 2030s, Kinetico 2060s, Kinetico 2100s, and Kinetico 4040s. While basically doing the same job, each of these is appropriate in certain conditions. What they have in common is they are non-electric. They are operated by the movement of water. They work on demand, so if you are not using water for a while – maybe you’re on vacation – the system won’t waste electricity and salt by operating when it is not needed. The other side of that coin is if you get a power outage, your water purification is not affected. It is a rare case of simple, non-electronic, non-computer-dependent equipment that is self-sufficient.

They are twin-tank units, so one of them is always available to give you soft water, even if the other is being refreshed, which happens automatically.

If space is an issue, you may choose a model based largely on that, but there is also the matter of how tough an assignment it is. That means both the amount of impurity in the water and the size of the property.

One more thing every model has: a Platinum 10-year warranty. While Kinetico products are very reliable, the company backs them up with that reassurance for the client.

How Will You Know Which Model is for You?

When Aqua Clear is given a project, we visit the property, test the water, gauge the amount of work the system will be required to do, and look at where the unit can be located. Then we will make our recommendation. Many clients are so taken with the K5 that they just have to have one anyway, while others are more concerned with having great, soft water throughout the property, for the benefit of the bathroom as much as the kitchen. Whatever your requirements and priorities may be, we will make an impartial assessment and try to make sure you get the equipment you need.