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Introducing the Famous Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

With a premium brand such as Kinetico, it is easy to talk in general terms because everything they make is just great. But if you would like a few more details, let’s look at the Kinetico K5 drinking water station.

What you get with the K5 is water that tastes like water should – 99% impurity-free. Not only that but there are 10 filter options so you can customize your system to the exact water you receive, whatever contaminants are prevalent locally. You can even add healthy minerals back to the purified water like calcium and magnesium, with the mineral plus cartridge.

Naturally, this sort of process needs verification, and the K5 drinking water station is certified by the WQA – the Water Quality Association – to NSF/ANSI standard 58 to prove it actually removes the contaminants it says it does.

The K5 is quick and reliable, too, delivering a strong, steady stream so you can have your beautiful cup of pure hydration or your exquisite cup of coffee and tea right when you want it.

Is The Kinetico K5 Price Competitive?

We sell the K5 at a very reasonable price and we regularly offer special deals on many products, so what you can be sure of is value for money. That applies across the board, from a Kinetico water filter to a Kinetico softener. A Kinetico water systems price is all part of an equation that includes legendary design, quality of build, and low maintenance, plus our own contribution of great service, hassle-free installation and a comprehensive range so we can cater to everything you need in the H2O department.

Our Company Ethos: We Care

The ethos on which Aqua Clear is founded has not changed over the years. Products come and go as improvements are made, but the caring side that our founder David Brewster brought to his business has been handed down and instilled in each and every one of our team members. That is why if you look at the reviews you will see the clients often namecheck the technicians who visited them and installed or carried out maintenance on their Kinetico water system. The water that enters your property may be municipal water or it may be from a well, but it all came from the sky once upon a time, and it is our mission to get it back to as close as possible to its original purity.

Whether you understand the technology that Kinetico water systems use, or you are happy to leave that to the technicians and just enjoy the results, that is up to you. Want to know exactly what reverse osmosis is and what constitutes a semipermeable membrane? Ask us and we’ll be happy to explain. Or you can simply enjoy having the best quality water in the neighborhood – and that’s not a bad claim to fame.

If the showpiece of your system is the Kinetico K5 drinking water station, that will inevitably lead to your neighbors and friends wanting to know about the rest of the water story in your home. Pristine, odorless drinking water, showers that leave your skin and hair feeling clean and silky like they should, all the things that should be taken for granted are possible with a little help from Kinetico and Aqua Clear.