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What Makes Kinetico Water Systems Such an Important Idea

Water is present in every household in America, and we are fortunate to live in a country where not only is there plenty of the wet stuff, but it is drinkable – or potable, to use a word that is often found concerning water or any drink that is not inherently harmful. Safe to drink, in other words.

Why, then, is there a need for a company such as this, and why do we need Kinetico water softeners and even Kinetico whole-house water filters?

Because potable doesn’t mean perfect. In many cases, the water that enters our homes leaves a lot to be desired, and the imperfections come in various forms.

Kinetico is the market leader, highly respected for the quality of its products and for having a range of solutions to cover the needs of different households.

Who Needs a Kinetico Water Softener System?

To understand this, we need to understand the difference between hard water and soft water. The adjectives are used to describe something that is not literal but gives us a general idea, in the same way as, for instance, white wine is not really white and heavy metal music has no actual weight. We know what the words represent.

Hard water contains elements such as calcium and magnesium which can be seen and felt. You can see it in the crust on the element of a kettle or the white spots on glassware when it comes out of a dishwasher. It can be felt on your skin after a shower when tiny amounts create an invisible layer that just leaves you feeling there is something there that shouldn’t be.

When a Kinetico water softener system has done its work, it has got rid of pretty much all the calcium and magnesium. That means you can’t feel anything, you can’t see anything, and those elements are not quietly damaging the pipes, the washing machine, and other things you can’t see inside.

What Does a Kinetico Whole House Water Filter Do?

Water can contain other undesirable things, and a Kinetico whole-house water filter can remove them. Iron, for instance, is what causes the reddish-brown stains you sometimes see in the sinks, toilets, and bathtub. Additionally, there is that sulfur smell that stinks the place out like rotten eggs. Also, you have heavy chlorine or chloramines, added to city water, that make your water taste and smell like a swimming pool.

To remove sulfur smell from well water, you need a specialized filtration system that not only improves the smell but also ensures your water is safe and pleasant for everyday use. Our Kinetico range includes sulphur water filter systems and filters to remove iron from water.

When you think about where water comes from – out of the sky and down through the soil – it’s not surprising there could be all sorts of stuff in there. Even after the water companies have treated it, off it goes again through 100+ year old pipes, probably for many miles.

As for well water, although many people like to have that independence, and there is something kind of romantic and old-fashioned about having your own water source, it does mean you have to do all the treatment yourself, or rather get a professional to do it.

There could even be something like arsenic and bacteria in there, so it really is a good idea to get your water tested, and a reputable company can install a Kinetico whole house water filter which, as the name suggests, filters not just the water in the kitchen but throughout your home.

If you are going to do this at all, it is such an important consideration that it pays to get the best and get the job done properly.