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Kinetico vs Culligan

If you came across us after an internet search rather than looking for Aqua Clear by name, you may have put in Kinetico dealer near me or even Kinetico near me. If so, that suggests you have heard Kinetico is the leading name in water softeners and purifiers, and you were hoping there was a company in this area that supplies and fits Kinetico products.

In that case, you just got lucky, because we use Kinetico and always have done, simply because we believe it’s the best range of products for what we do. We are passionate about making water quality superb, wherever you get your supply from. When people are on city water, they may think because it has been treated before it gets to their property, that is as good as it is going to get.

With all due respect, though, that is not the case. If you are in a hard water area, for instance, what comes through the pipes into your home is going to be safe, drinkable water that has unwanted ingredients such as calcium and magnesium, which are what makes it “hard”. The hardness makes itself known in several ways. It leaves crusty deposits in kettles and other household appliances. We always mention the humble kettle because you can look inside them easily and see the results of hard water, but the same sort of residue will be in your washing machine, boiler, dishwasher, and so on.

You may have noticed white spots on drinking glasses that have been in the dishwasher; that’s the same stuff. Hidden away out of sight, though, these deposits reduce the machines’ efficiency and sometimes cause them to break down, and no one wants that, particularly as these appliances are so expensive.

The other main way hard water manifests itself is in leaving the same deposits on your skin and hair after a shower Despite using expensive shower gels, shampoos, and treatments, you sometimes get dried off and feel like you need another shower to get rid of this invisible coating.

You don’t have to put up with this. People who google Kinetico dealer near me are on the right track because Aqua Clear and our Kinetico water softeners can solve the problem.

Kinetico vs Culligan

Yes, we’re aware there is competition in this field – but we’re not afraid of it. Just be aware that the folks over at Culligan don’t mention Kinetico because they are not Kinetico dealers. And anyway, they don’t offer the same service that we do. They are mainly about water coolers, drinking fountains, and other mainly office-oriented equipment. Whole house water purification comes way down their list. If you want a Kinetico filtered water dispenser, we’ve got them.

Are You Spending a Fortune on Bottled Water?

So, is Kinetico worth the money? Sure, good products may cost a little more, but so does bottled water, not to mention the cost to the environment of all those plastic containers. And replacing a clogged up, malfunctioning washing machine is not exactly cheap, so it’s a question of priorities and prevention rather than cure.

If you want a full-service water systems provider, we are your guys. Kinetico near me? Absolutely. We offer Kinetico near you. And a dedicated dealer that cares for you, the customer. From purification to softening, we do it all.