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Pinhole Leaks In Copper Pipes

Pinhole Leaks In Copper Pipes: Causes, Effects & Treatments Explained

I have heard pinhole leaks in copper plumbing are a huge pain. Not from personal experience, but from the clients we have worked with. Stories of massive floods, ripping out drywall, hidden mold growing behind the wall, and $10,000- $20,000 re-plumbing (switching from copper piping to PEX piping) jobs having to be done. And the sad part is most people think it’s just their old copper plumbing, and there is no alternative but to invest in totally removing the copper pipes from the house. Luckily, we have saved many clients from turning their home into a job site by fixing the WATER that travels through those old copper pipes.

Pinhole leaks in Knoxville, TN are becoming increasingly common. Especially in the Knoxville, TN area where the homes are 15+ years old with copper piping. Neighborhoods like: Whittington Creek, Sequoia Hills, Westmoreland Heights, Lyons View, and Rocky Hill our a few local Knoxville areas experiencing pinhole leaks. Sometimes it happens on the cold copper pipe or the hot water copper pipe. We see more hot water pinhole leaks if your water heater has a recirculating pump added to it.

Chlorine is corrosive to copper piping. It reacts with the copper to create a chemical compound: copper chloride. This compound slowly-but-surely corrodes copper piping from the inside, which results in those tiny-but-destructive pinhole leaks in your copper pipes. Also hard water, abundance of calcium/magnesium, can create pitting in the copper piping. We also find that low pH (potential hydrogen) water can cause pinhole leaks in copper pipes, but usually you would see blue and green staining in your shower before this happens.

Our systems remove the chlorine, chloramines, and hardness that destroy old copper pipes. We also add a special filter, after our system, to re-coat the lines from the decades of abuse from the hard and chlorinated water. After installing hundreds of pinhole leak water systems, we can say with 100% certainty that it works.

Saving our valued clients from $10,000 – $20,000 re-plumbing jobs, switching from copper piping to PEX piping,  and from turning their home into a job site. And not only did they save the copper piping, but also get all the other benefits of installing a whole house water filtration system. We are so confident that we can stop your pinhole leaks, we guarantee to fix the pinhole leaks at no charge to you.

Are You A Knoxville, TN Homeowner Experiencing Pinhole Leaks In Copper Pipes?

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