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Water Softener Costs: From Purchase to Maintenance


“How much do water softeners cost?” That is a frequently asked question – and a fair one. Then there’s the follow-up: “After all, this country has a consistent, good quality water supply just about all over, doesn’t it” And yes, it does. But that’s a consistent supply of hard water – water containing calcium, magnesium, and other elements that have a harmful effect on your household appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, and coffee pot, not to mention the way it makes your skin and hair feel stiff and imperfect after you take a shower.

So, how much does a water softener cost per month? In other words, what about the initial outlay and ongoing running costs? And there is no definite answer. What is for sure is that millions of Americans have decided to take good hard water and make it excellent soft water. What makes it difficult to quantify is that it depends on how much calcium, magnesium, etc. there is where you are. It depends on how much water you use, and it depends on how much emphasis you put on water quality.

Ballpark figures? What is the average cost water softeners will set you back? As with most purchases, buying on price alone is not a good idea. How much do water softeners cost? If you go for a quality product such as Kinetico, you’re not going to get the lowest price. But you will get value for money over the lifetime of the system, and that lifetime will be longer than a cheap one because Kinetico is a top brand on merit. A Kinetico product performs well, does the job it’s supposed to, and requires minimal maintenance. You may have heard of no salt water softeners and wondered what they are all about. And are water softeners worth the expense?

Questions, questions and the internet is full of answers, but in the end, it all comes down to quality and how you use your system. With a Kinetico water softener, you save on electricity, because there is none involved. The action of opening a faucet or turning on a device gets the water moving and that powers a Kinetico softener. And there is no timer, so your system only activates when it is really needed. If you’re away for a few days, it won’t come on needlessly. That saves on wear and tear and softening supplies, as well as the volume of water that’s used. Also, Kinetico has the world’s most efficient water softeners, so you will use the least amount of salt possible.

Does a Water Softener Save Money?

With a good water softener, you won’t ever have to buy bottled water again, and you know how expensive that is. So, you’re saving on electricity, parts, and water itself. It’s starting to add up, right? One more question:

Do Water Softeners Lose Effectiveness Over Time?

With proper care and maintenance, you can minimize that. You will get your money’s worth, and times will change. But with quality on your side, you will have had beautiful water the whole time – and that adds to your quality of life.

So, how much do water softeners cost? With the savings you’ll make, it is well worth getting a good one.