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Should You Buy a Water Softener in East Tennessee?

Have you been browsing soft water systems for homes in East Tennessee?

Are you unsure what’s the best option for your home?

You have probably already read what is hard water? And understand that water varies in its concentration of rock sediment.

That concentration depends on where you source your water from the City (you pay a water bill) or from a Private Well (free water)?

Hardness in City Water?

Cities normally source their water from either surface water or groundwater. Also if the source water has a lower pH the city sometimes puts additional hardness into the water to raise the pH resulting in harder water.

Surface Water

Major watersheds like rivers and lakes become a place where municipalities like to source their water. Surface water usually is cleaner and cheaper than collecting ground water.

In more urban areas the Municipalities usually get water from watersheds to subsidize the ground water.

Ground Water

In most rural and suburban areas ground water is pumped from wells to feed the water supply. This water usually has a higher hardness level and sometimes have other contaminants in it from the earth.

In the United States, 41% of drinking water comes from wells and ground water.

If you live in an area that you haven’t had your water professionally checked, we recommend getting a complementary water analysis that allows you to become educated about your water.

Hardness in Well Water?

Well water is very rarely ever the same.

In a few East Tennessee areas we have seen incredibly clean well water with 1 grain per gallon of hardness and under 10 TDS. Hardness levels fluctuate but other contaminants can get into untreated well water including: dirt, sediment, Iron, Sulfur, Manganese, Tannins, and Nitrates.

Well water does not have a one size fits all solution and that is why we recommend having a 60-minute complementary water analysis done. The test allows you to become educated at your water and participate in the custom design process of building a system that fits your needs.

So, When It Comes To Whether a Water Softener is Worth It The answer is… Maybe?

After going into nearly 10,000 homes we’ve seen almost everything, but one thing is always the same, everyone’s water is different. That is why spending 60-minutes to get informed about your water is the best 60-min you’ll spend all week. Aqua Clear Water Systems services all East Tennessee and we’d love to recommend you to Kinetico dealers across the nation. If you live in East Tennessee sign up below.

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